Tonight Just Might Change Everything…

Intention: “An act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.”

Ho hum. Sounds boring. But if you’ve ever been lit up from within by the glowing radiance of a red-hot passionate intention, you know it can be anything but boring!

Intention is the mojo to get you where you want to go. The mind magic you see internally, commit to enthusiastically, and cause to make real in your world.

I KNOW what you intend to create for yourself for 2012. Not because I’m cocky or psychic. But because what you want is what I want… heck, what we all want. See if I’m onto something. I bet I can nail two of your top ten wants for this year.

#1. First, I’m guessing you intend to create more time to do your creative thing in 2012—that one act that when taken causes you to lose hours of your day or night to bliss. For me, it’s writing time. (Sometimes it’s agony, but mostly because I love to write so much that I can’t stop and I take it too far, like a stray cat gorging in a trashcan full of tuna). After two days of forgetting to blink or so much as stretch my legs, my eyes and back remind me that I can’t do this back-to-back all-nighter stuff like I could, and did, when I was oh-so-much younger.

#2. Next, I’m betting you want more LOVE. How do I know? Because love makes the world go round, baby. Love fills our hearts and heads with happy hormones. We’re just wired for it, like drug addicts seeking a fix (hopefully in the case of a love fix, it’s an everlasting one). The good news is that many of us know we’re aching for love. The bad news is that we don’t all know how to call it in, or keep the love we want once it’s been found.

I know two women who do in a MAJOR way—Katherine Woodward Thomas & Claire Zammit—and they teach an extraordinary course for calling love in. (Stay with me, because this really is about becoming a publishing powerhouse, as you’ll see.) Kath & Claire have a juicy free call tonight happening at 5 pm PST: Calling In “The One”… How to Release Your Hidden Barriers to Love and Become Magnetic to Your Soulmate. Here’s why I highly encourage you to jump on the call: Their tools for magnetizing whatever you want work. So many people have found their soulmates with these techniques (including me—yup) that they’ve lost count. Studying and experiencing what these ladies do in their free calls is to get a first-rate education in all things platform. In a word, they’re the BEST at creating cutting-edge information, aligning with top thought leaders to add extra value, presenting it in the most beautiful + effective way, and then getting the word out like I’ve never seen.

The platform magic formula is simple: start with rockin’ info people need. Align with others to expand your reach. Make a beautiful online presentation. Invite the masses to sign up (they will and they do). Reap stunning financial, emotional, and physical benefits—including fielding possible agent + book offers—while you uplift people’s lives across the globe. Not bad for a day’s work.

If you’ve been aching to free up your time and money for a more creative life (like I once did), maybe you’ve been toying with the idea of expanding your platform. If so, get on this call and see how it’s done with heart and soul and real value. Teleseminars are a brilliant concept and not nearly as scary as you might think. You sit at home, get on the phone for an hour, and reach hundreds or thousands of readers/clients at one time. It opens up your life like you can’t believe, and publishers love it.

My first telecourse felt like magic, bringing 60 people together I’d never met, and led to immediate bookings for my first writing retreat. In less than a month, I was saving my house—the same house that had slid into foreclosure when my husband left town for another life.  In short, what these women know changed everything for me, both in love (yes, he’s dreamy) and in commerce.

It’s funny. You never know where your angels will come from. I first met Claire nine or ten years ago in a course I was teaching at the Learning Annex on platform building. Talk about surpassing the teacher! I had no idea she’d take my suggestions and attach them to a rocket ship and blast to the moon. She and Katherine now have an email reach of millions, and have launched the largest female gatherings in history (online and over the phone). Tens of thousands of people get on their calls because what they offer works.

If your intention for this year involves creating a more creative life by ramping up your platform (this changed everything for me—it’s how I met you!), or a juicy, fulfilling love life (ditto), enjoy this free call with Katherine and Claire tonight. And let me know how life transforms for you. (Smiley.)




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