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New Carmel Magic (& Dudes Welcome!)

Change and spring are in the air! After nine happy years renting a tree house in the Carmel Highlands for my writing retreats, the owner recently sold the home. February’s retreat was our last one. Since Merry, my toy poodle—who always accompanied me—died in January,...

Maria Shriver on the Beautiful Writers Podcast

You’ve watched Maria Shriver on TV for decades. Read her many bestsellers. Cheered as she and her family founded and championed some of humanity's greatest causes. Now’s your chance to get to know her more intimately than perhaps ever before. Maria’s here, on for the...

Lemons: A Juicy Writing Time Hack

Writing takes TIME, in case you haven’t noticed. And energy. Clearing out the mind- and body-cobwebs is key to getting your best words down on the page. I grew up with a health-freak mama who used to drag me to funky health food stores on the outskirts of town before...

Debbie Ford’s New Book on the Beautiful Writers Podcast

The late Debbie Ford has a new book out and is on today’s Beautiful Writers Podcast, via her sister, Arielle Ford! In a kind of tribute to sisters, joining us as my guest co-host is my sister, Carol Allen. The four of us—Debbie, Arielle, Carol, and I—have a long...

Merry’s Miracle (aka the Universe is Magic)

“How can anyone be so cute?” I must have said that to sweet Merry five million times over our eleven years together. I never got over it or used to it—how beautiful and perfect and easy and joyful she was, wherever she was. I’d giggle every time she’d bound through...

Inner Peace, Anyone?

Inner. Peace. Yeah, I know. Sounds like a dream. But aren't dreams meant to come true? My dear friend, TV producer Norma Rubio (that’s her sunny self in the center of our group photo), has spent years trying to figure out how to live a balanced life. 🌸 I'm honored to...

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Stressed out w/ all the horrifying news? Need a little sweetness after calling your congressperson and donating to… t.co/VD10CuVgy1

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Linda Sivertsen

@mariashriver @TimShriver Congrats, Maria! So beautiful! 💕

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Mister Bumface™

The Holocaust was legal. Slavery was legal. Segregation was legal. The brave woman who cared for and hid my 6 year… t.co/jo0IGIAiQY

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You know your sister is the VERY BEST SISTER EVER when she figures correctly you’ve forgotten to eat and brings you… t.co/7Vuk8woeqS

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