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Merry’s Miracle (aka the Universe is Magic)

“How can anyone be so cute?” I must have said that to sweet Merry five million times over our eleven years together. I never got over it or used to it—how beautiful and perfect and easy and joyful she was, wherever she was. I’d giggle every time she’d bound through...

Inner Peace, Anyone?

Inner. Peace. Yeah, I know. Sounds like a dream. But aren't dreams meant to come true? My dear friend, TV producer Norma Rubio (that’s her sunny self in the center of our group photo), has spent years trying to figure out how to live a balanced life. 🌸 I'm honored to...

Mother Nature’s #MeToo

“There is no drought in California.” Donald Trump (June 2016) “62 million trees have died [in California] this year alone.” U.S. Forest Service (November 2016) This week's rain, in the parched Golden State, was a blessing and a curse. For the first time in many...

Gabby Bernstein on the Beautiful Writers Podcast

I LOVE this soul sister. Gabby Bernstein makes me laugh. Her honesty is refreshing. Sometimes I look at her and think I’m witnessing an honest-to-goodness, real-life angel. But when this #1 New York Times bestselling author of THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK, and five...

Inc. recommends my TEDWomen Time Debt Talk

Quick media share. 💚 My Time Debt TEDWomen talk just made Inc.! In her article, "The Real Cost of Time (and How to Create More of It)," business leader and Inc. magazine columnist Anese Cavanaugh talks about how the video inspired her to nourish her relationship with...

Yep. Count Me In.

It was the mid-nineties. I was working on my first book, a collection of interviews with people who’d contributed unique gifts to society. I’d just started the first of several recorded discussions with Woody Harrelson about his environmental activism (including...

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#goodnews ❤️ Factories Hire Storytellers to Read to Workers So They Can be Educated and Entertained t.co/FuMpxlvtZZ

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Couldn’t leave town w/o an organic salad & almond milk latte and catch-up girlfriend chat at @WildPlumCafe w/ chef… t.co/JsZiI0ZPqE

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