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Write on! Thank you for pre-ordering my book! I’ve never poured more love and value into a project and I cannot wait to share it with you this August.

To show my gratitude for your early enthusiasm, my tiny (but mighty!) team and I are gathering up a treasure trove of gifts for you. Things you can use right NOW to support your writing & publishing career—and things to look forward to in the near future. Lots of beauty coming shortly. Scroll down for a sneak peek. ⬇️

Hop on the book launch bus by giving me your details below (including your Book Order Receipt Number) and we’ll be in touch with your freebies.

If you’re not already on my monthly newsletter list, you’ll be added for all the latest intel. (Watch for a near-immediate email with an audio link where I share some of my all-time favorite writing tips for attracting literary agents and landing the deal.)

Linda (aka Book Mama) xo

GOODIES INCLUDE (more coming soon):

Laura Belgray & Linda Sivertsen Aug. 24th

Beautiful Emails: How to Write the Only Newsletter Anyone Wants to Read

Live Zoom Session with Laura Belgray and Linda Sivertsen
90-minutes (date TBA soon!)

Great news: We’re in the age of the email newsletter, and they’re only getting hotter. Why is that great news? Because a newsletter is the best way to grow an audience, make them fall in love with you and your writing, tell your favorite personal stories, hone your voice, and—if you’re an author—SELL BEAUCOUP BOOKS.

And who better to open up her bag of tricks than email superstar Laura Belgray—author of the upcoming Tough Titties (via Hachette), Co-Creator of The Copy Cure with Marie Forleo, Founder of Talking Shrimp, creator of Inbox Hero, her signature email copywriting course, and writer of one of the most-loved email newsletters in the online creative space. Fun fact: Not only do readers cite Laura’s emails as “the only ones I always open and read,” but they bring in over $1M a year in sales.

In this 90-minute training and Q&A, Laura and I will show you how to write emails that get your subscribers hanging on to your every word . . . and spreading the word about you.

Laura Belgray & Linda Sivertsen Aug. 24th

Your Big Beautiful Book Plan Workbook


Blood, sweat, and cheers — from the people rooting for your book to arrive! Get ready to dream BIG and have fun with the most popular section of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan, free for you here! With prompts lovingly created by Danielle LaPorte and me, dive into guided exercises to put your new book-building knowledge into action. Define the best-case and worst-case scenarios for the life of your book (hint: both might be wildly cool) to get you over that glorious finish line. Isn’t it time to update your biz card to “Published Author,” at last?

* Hooking, pitching + mobilizing your allies.
* Your “apocalypse is nigh!” cocktail line.
* Spilling your qualifications + street cred.
* Your epic hotness, as relayed by a friend.
* Who’s buying, babe? Your market, defined.
* Spreading the Gospel: PR + media.
* Ruling (out) your competitors.
* Inspiration, perspiration + advanced creative hermitude (or: how to propel yourself into “finished” territory, come hell or high water.) And more!

* Includes a Creative Hermit Auto-responder that you can copy + paste straight into your “vacation reply” box, graciously deflecting unwanted visitors while you hunker down + heroically get to “the End.”

Your Book Proposal Checklist

Book Mama’s 6-Page Winning Book Proposal Template

What’s in a Book Proposal anyway? Get my total Book Proposal Checklist—the one I break out before every book I write.

Crafted after decades of writing and selling bestselling books, it’s all here in one place: every section you will need to wow lit agents and publishers. With just enough detail to help you get started and stay organized, say goodbye to overwhelm and intimidation as you go from Idea to Done. Write on!

Real Life Planner Downloadable Sampler

Samantha Bennett’s Real Life Planner


You want a creative, customizable system to craft, document and organize ALL the things:
  • to-do lists
  • daily schedule and days that refuse to schedule
  • personal growth insights
  • writing/journaling
  • professional commitments
  • doodles, inspirations and fun ideas
  • tracking your money, calories, number of hugs…
  • weekly self-assessments to monitor your progress
  • overwhelm so you can stay on top of your WHOLE life – family, work and just-for-fun!
If just looking at the pile of notebooks, journals and calendars leaves you exhausted, here’s the all-in-one solution you’ve been waiting for in an easy to manage, 7-day format!​

Plus, you will be entered into a drawing for:

Book Proposal Magic Course + Consult

Book Proposal Magic Course + Private Consult with Linda


Winners will get access to Linda’s signature Book Proposal Magic Course including:

  • A digital download copy of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan
  • 6 Training Modules
  • 6 Previously Recorded Q & A Sessions
  • Monthly LIVE Q & A Sessions
  • Loads of Handouts + Helpful Resources
  • PLUS a 90-minute consult with Linda (includes 45 minutes of prep, where she looks at everything you’ve got and researches you and your market + a 45-minute chat, where you talk face to face). Sessions do not expire.

VALUE: $1600

Book Proposal Magic course

Book Proposal Magic Course


Winners will get access to Linda’s signature Book Proposal Magic Course including:

  • A digital download copy of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan
  • 6 Training Modules
  • 6 Previously Recorded Q & A Sessions
  • Monthly LIVE Q & A Sessions
  • Loads of Handouts + Helpful Resources

VALUE: $800

The Beautiful Writers Group

1-Year Membership to The Beautiful Writers Group 


Winners will get year-long access to The Beautiful Writers Group membership site, which also includes:

  • Monthly group Q & A with Linda Sivertsen and Samantha Bennett, bestselling author of Get It Done
  • Inspirational + Resourceful + Ass-kicking Weekly Newsletters
  • Weekly Zoom “Write-In” accountability check-ins
  • Audio library with bestselling authors and publishing/marketing experts and Q & A coaching calls
  • Access to our AMAZING private community on Facebook
  • Our own Resources List for writers
  • Bonus content, too!

VALUE: $275

Random drawing will be held on August 23rd, 2022 from all pre-order entries. Entry into drawing ends at 11:59 pm PDT on April 22nd, 2022. Winners announced and notified via email on August 24th, 2022.

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