Prayer for Sanity

Prayer for Sanity

Dear God, today we pray for sanity. There’s so much fear. I think of two of the wisest voices we have, Ta-Nehisi Coates (the best writer on race in America - Between the World and Me), and Dr. Bobby Smith (handle Visions of Courage, a blind cop who was shot in the...

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​What do I put in my book proposal? And how do I build a “platform”?!

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Daniell LaPorte uses Linda's book proposal template


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It's a bad week to be a pipeline carrying dirty fuels... 👀

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Joel Stein

Also, academics, doctors, economists, generals, CEOs, epidemiologists, people who read books, and those who prefer…

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U.S. Black and Hispanic communities are exposed to far more air pollution than they produce through their actions.…

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Grateful to make the list! 31 Writing Podcasts You've GOT to Hear (Best of 2020) via…

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