Hello! Today! Now! My calendar’s open to you, as is my 6-week Book Proposal Magic course! Because I believe every writer could use a little magic, ya?

If Cheryl Strayed’s right and, “The way it feels to write a book is that you CANNOT write a book,” as Glennon Doyle told me on one of her visits to my Beautiful Writers Podcast (Cheryl calmed Glennon’s nerves with this advice), I wondered: Is that also true for Book Proposals? It sure feels like it sometimes, as you may know if you’ve ever tried to write and/or sell your book proposal.

Of course, the beloved author of Wild and Tiny Beautiful Things and other masterpieces wasn’t saying you’ll never get your book done. If I’m feeling into this correctly (which I’ll ask her when she’s on the show… we’re presently juggling our calendars), Cheryl was saying that if you don’t break the enormity of your project down into bite-sized pieces, it’s going to feel insurmountable. Maybe like hiking 1,100 miles with a monstrously heavy backpack and blisters the size of boulders. (Smiley.)

We’ve all heard stories about books that don’t get sold and the writers who can’t finish and the many dreams dashed. But I know many happy authors who’ve not only realized their publishing goals, but exceeded them. Ordinary folks, just like you (and most everybody else) who, by the way, didn’t have big platforms or fame. What they had was passion and a plan. What they had was a book mama, cheering them on, breakin’ it down, coaching them on what steps to take next. And I loved every second of it (well, 99% of the time!). Sometimes, often, I can hardly believe how blessed I am to be able to nurture people’s dreams.

Linda Book Proposal Magic

I cannot wait to be your book midwife! Other than writing my books, this work is my happy place. I don’t teach this course often, and I hardly ever open up my calendar for private coaching outside of my retreat clients. But I’m feeling the calling now, and I hope you hear the call to join me. Me and amazing celebrity author guests—who are coming on for bonus interviews for you in related sections. (Go to BookProposalMagic.com for all the juicy details!)

Imagine this: It’s the holidays. You run into that bratty, disbelieving family member over the cheese tray. The one who’d always thought, out loud, that you should be doing “more” with your life, whatever that means.

Hair toss, hair toss. “I’m great, thanks for asking! Just finished writing my book proposal! You?” (Actually, we LOVE these dream doubters because our visceral reaction to them lets us know exactly what we desire most.)

It only FEELS like you can’t write a book or a book proposal. You absolutely can. I’ve seen it countless times in my career and know this to be true: If you have the ache, you have what it takes.

I’ve got you. Me and my friends and mentors; we’re giving you the map, and the inspiration, making it do-able. And fun! Because we don’t do boring.

Read all about it here, including how you can become an affiliate and earn cash while you spread the writerly love.

See you soon!



PS. I’m driving to Carmel today and will, therefore, be doing social media blasts for this course later this afternoon or evening—in case you’re wondering when you can comment or share. Thank you for that, you commenters and sharers. It makes my heart happy when we interact like that!

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