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✈️ 🎧 Beautiful Writers: Now playing on American Airlines

Podcasts on airlines? Who knew?! I’d just uploaded a Beautiful Writers Podcast interview to iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud last December when a question flitted through my brain... … Hmm. I wonder where else I should be posting these shows? In the ripple effect of...

Abby Wambach: Wisdom from the Wolfpack

You know Abby Wambach as a soccer legend—a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist. But do you know how she makes all those countless travel hours on the road and in the air, less grueling, more grounded? You know Abby as a two-time New York Times bestseller. But do you know...

Join Me in Sedona at the WomanSpeak Festival

About that message burning inside of you—yeah… the one you wake up in the morning thinking about. The one playing out at night as you close your eyes. The idea that whispers: Hey! It’s me! Remember? Please don’t forget me! Trouble is, sharing our innovative messages...

Candice Bergen on the Beautiful Writers Podcast

Oscar-nominated and 5-time Emmy-winning star of Murphy Brown turned New York Times bestselling memoirist (twice!), Candice Bergen is on today's #BeautifulWritersPodcast! And she is every bit as irreverent and funny and whip-smart as you’d hope. Joining us in the guest...

Tosca Lee on the Beautiful Writers Podcast

Bestselling thriller author of ten novels, including The Progeny, Firstborn, The Legend of Sheba, Iscariot, and the Books of Mortals trilogy (with New York Times bestseller Ted Dekker), Tosca Lee is on the Beautiful Writers Podcast! Her new book, The Line Between, is...

Taylor Dayne on the Beautiful Writers Podcast

Seventy-five million albums sold. Eighteen top ten hits recorded. Named in 2018 by Billboard as one of the top 60 female artists of all time (#35)! I’m guessing you are or have been, a Taylor Dayne fan (soundtrack of your life stuff, right here). I feel blessed to...

Daniell LaPorte uses Linda's book proposal template


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Linda Sivertsen

I could talk books & publishing all day. Loved sharing book-dream successes (the hows, whys, + what-the-hecks). To… t.co/4QPTgWICOQ

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Linda Sivertsen

Secret. Sometimes I still need my mom. I didn’t know why I grabbed her hot pink scarf for my trip until just before… t.co/IuFQJSuEpL

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Kamala Harris

#FBF to when I asked Brett Kavanaugh: Can you think of any laws that give the government the power to make decision… t.co/Ro1fO39v07

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Full moon rising. #sedonamagic 💙

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