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Gifts for Writers!

Hello Writers!Last fall I got a call from someone I’d briefly met years before and have long admired—a legendary talent here in these parts (well, in most parts). Tom Bergeron, host of Dancing with the Stars and America’s Funniest Home Videos wanted to...

Seth Godin on the Beautiful Writers Podcast

After 18 international bestsellers, Seth Godin has released perhaps his most important book. His new title: This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See (Portfolio) just hit #1on The Wall Street Journal list and was an immediate New York Times...

Ann Patchett on the Beautiful Writers Podcast

This award-winning, bestselling American (and Nashvillian!) treasure is laying it down with straight talk about her charmed writing and publishing career. Instead of learning from our authors' struggles, as we often do on this show, today’s episode is about ABUNDANCE....

Tim Grahl and Steven Pressfield on the Beautiful Writers Podcast

There is an enemy. You are the enemy. Resistance will kill you. If you’re a Steven Pressfield or The War of Art fan (who isn’t?!), you already know that. You also know that you are not alone, and resistance can be beaten. But, good God, doesn’t it feel a little harder...

NEW! Bday Mix: Expert Top Tips

On this annual birthday episode of the Beautiful Writers Podcast, my wish is to give the gift of conversations you haven’t heard before. Fresh and (hopefully) profoundly helpful content to uplevel your writing experience. Today’s show makes my heart happy. It’s a...

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Ali Cherry

”Every huge breakthrough in my life...has come in a renewed commitment to tell the absolute truth at a deeper & dee… t.co/UeZFCPfKRV

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Linda Sivertsen

I mean... Gratitude on steroids. Post gloriously rainy #carmelwritingretreat (where the power went out and we wrote… t.co/k34F5AwmAC

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Lee Child

"Writing is show business for shy people" - Lee Child #ThursdayThoughts

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Linda Sivertsen

Love this woman so much! Pre-order with me now and let’s do this, #WOLFPACK! 💕 t.co/vJwdHHCUhF

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