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“Linda is pure magic. With her rare combination of keen editorial insight, unparalleled knowledge of the industry and relentless optimism, she’s the kind of writing coach and friend a writer can only dream of. She’s also a little psychic – only a few days before my debut novel MIRROR IN THE SKY was picked up by Razorbill/Penguin, she sent me a text with a picture of the perfume Terra Nova, the original title of my manuscript. ‘Found this in my bureau today,’ she said. ‘It’s gonna happen soon!’ And of course it did.

Linda believed in me when I didn’t, knew just when to encourage me to push through roadblocks, and when to offer a sympathetic ear. She is endlessly empathetic, fun to work with and has the ability to see exactly what you’re trying to execute in your writing – even when you don’t. I feel endlessly grateful to be a beneficiary of her big thinking and incredible talents!”

Aditi Khorana, author of Mirror in the Sky (Razorbill/Penguin)

Steph graciously writes on her acknowledgment page of Unbound:

“To Danielle LaPorte and Linda Sivertsen for creating the Beautiful Writers Group. I cannonballed into that community with gusto and it changed my life. Linda . . . my dear sweet Linda, you turned closet doors into literary Narnia. I am grateful for everything you’ve done for me, and I am grateful for everything you’ve done for so many women like me.”

Steph Jagger, author of Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self-Discovery (Harper Wave)

“We call Linda the ‘Author Whisperer’ because of her seemingly magical ability to uncover the book in a person that wants to be written–often before they’ve even seen it. Like a midwife, she delivers a writer’s core message and brilliance onto the page, in the style agents, editors, and readers are searching for. I have witnessed Linda work her Author-Whisperer magic for years. There are very few people who can do what she does, and we’re always elated with her results!”

Arielle Ford, bestselling author & former book publicist to 13 #1 New York Times bestsellers

“Linda’s writing makes you stop, smile and remember your dreams. It will move you to action and inspire your soul, making you feel that you’re not alone. I see why people open up to her and why so many love her… I only wish I had read her work sooner.”

Tom Squitieri, USA Today

The Workplace Engagement Solution“Linda had an enormous amount to do with my getting this book deal. We’ve known and supported one another for 15 years and I came to her this time asking for her support in becoming a better writer and getting back into the publishing industry. The insight and education she provided helped me elevate my every standard of what it means to be a great writer and getting my message across with clarity and eloquence.

Linda is a master in helping others ‘get it.’ She is a fearless truth teller, and delivers it with such humor and light-heartedness that I hear every word. She once scrawled: ‘You shit brilliance, but forget the DETAILS!’ across one of my manuscripts. Linda is loved by so many people because of her spirit, kindness, fierceness, and clarity. She is always committed to my best. To everyone’s best. We did it, Mama!”

David Harder, author of The Workplace Engagement Solution (Career Press, Summer, 2017), and The Truth About Work

lovefornoreason“I’ve known Linda for over a decade, and she’s always at the top of my list when people ask me for a recommendation of writers. And, she’s a fabulous woman!”

Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author, Love for No Reason, and Happy for No Reason (Free Press), and featured teacher in The Secret

“I am et121 First Datesernally grateful to my book angel, Linda Sivertsen, who gave me notes on the book and who helped me connect with my agent. You have everything to do with the success of this book.”

Wendy Newman, from the acknowledgment section of: 121 First Dates (Atria/Simon & Schuster)

secretsofpleasurableweightloss“Linda Siversten was an integral part in me getting my dream book deal–6-figures from a publisher who totally gets my vision and is behind me in every way. It’s clear as day that this wouldn’t have happened without Linda. For that I owe her deep gratitude, for the rest of my career as a published author.”

Jena la Flamme, author of Secrets of Pleasurable Weight Loss (Sounds True Publishing)

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.31.54 PM“To the author Linda Sivertsen who encouraged this project when it was just the story of a memory in my brain some twenty plus years ago. She wrote about this in her first book and has been a dear friend ever since.”

Guru Singh (CreateSpace) in the acknowledgment section of his book

FireStarterSessions“Proposal doctor Linda Sivertsen was the best cheerleader a weary author could hope for.”

Danielle LaPorte, from the Acknowledgments (GREAT, FULL) section of her book, The Fire Starter Sessions (Crown Archetype)

thecompoundeffect“To my writing muse and collaborator, Linda Sivertsen, who helped pull out the stories and references from my past and give my process order and coherence.”

Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS magazine, from the Acknowledgments section of his book, The Compound Effect (Vanguard Press), New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller

The-Education-of-Millionaires“I, like Linda, craft book proposals for others (as well as author my own titles). When I’m too close to my work, I call Linda. In a few short hours with my latest proposal, she zeroed in and suggested edits/additions that radically upped my game. Within days, I’d signed with one of the biggest agents in the industry. Days later, I had a six-figure deal with Penguin’s Portfolio imprint, one of the top business imprints in the country. These results were astonishing to me. I couldn’t be more thrilled or appreciative to have Linda (with her quick instincts, generous heart, and big talent) in my tribe.”

Michael Ellsberg, Forbes.com columnist, and author of The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think and It’s Not Too Late (Portfolio/Penguin)

Want to see the latest Carmel retreater book deals?

wabisabilove“To Author Whisperer, Linda Sivertsen your magical ability to reorganize words and sentences is always amazing. Thank you for always being there for me.”

Arielle Ford, from the Acknowledgments section of her latest bestselling book, Wabi Sabi Love (HarperOne)

thenormalbar“Dear Linda. Thank you so much for your insightful editing of my proposal. Please have anyone call me about your services. I will hands-down rave about you! Who would have thought that adding, deleting, and moving around sentences would make such a big difference? The expertise you brought to the table was incredible! The advice you gave me, honest and invaluable. I’ve met so many first-time and established authors who think their work is ready to be shown when it’s not. Hiring an expert and top-notch editor is a very small investment in the big picture. If an author isn’t willing to make the investment in their writing, why should an agent or publishing house?”

Chrisanna Northrup, author, The Normal Bar: Where Does Your Relationship Fall? (Random House)

thefuturist“Linda Sivertsen always gives me such great ideas!”

Rebecca Keegan, Los Angeles Times film writer & regular contributor to Time magazine, Cosmo, andVanity Fair online, and author of The Futurist: The Life and Films of James Cameron (Crown)

big-fat-lies-women-tell-themselves-ditch-your-amy-ahlers-paperback-cover-art“To Linda Sivertsen, the book proposal coach filled with love and light, thank you for your words and advice and for pushing me to dig deep.”

Amy Ahlers, from the Acknowledgments section of her book, Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves (New World Library)

“Linda Sivertsen, you’re the best book proposal writer/coach ever! As a bestselling author and legal expert on CNBC, you’d think this proposal stuff would be easy for me. But it can feel way more difficult than law school or taking the bar! You came in and immediately knew what to do with my proposal—moving things around, rewriting sections, and envisioning a bigger vision for this book than even I imagined. I’m so grateful. I’ve been searching for you for a very, very long time!”

Alexis Martin Neely, America’s Personal Family Lawyer and CEO of The Family Wealth Planning Institute

“Linda, I’m midway through the Steve Jobs bio you referenced on your blog, and for all his brilliance, one thing I haven’t heard him talk about yet is how important it is to surround yourself with people who love you, believe in your vision, and will go to the mat for your dreams. I’ve felt blessed and lucky for every moment of our time together, and I see how you’ve cultivated a uniquely radiant way of loving your clients’ book babies into being. I think the project we’re working on together is as close as a man can come to giving birth. Thanks for being my midwife!”

Matthew Taylor, Memoirist

​What do I put in my book proposal? And how do I build a “platform”?!

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Daniell LaPorte uses Linda's book proposal template


5 hours ago

Linda Sivertsen
Want a STELLAR 2021? You've probably heard me say that I don't make a big move w/o consulting the stars via my little sis, Love Is In The Stars Carol Allen, one of the top Vedic astrologers (& love coaches!) in the country. ✨💜Her predictions are so spot on that I've learned over the decades to ignore her at my peril. For instance, she has picked EVERY one of my #carmelwritingretreat dates for the past 10 years, making sure the planet of writing, Mercury, is happy, and ditto for Venus, the planet of Love and the Arts. They're dreamy. But the one time I didn't listen to her when I wanted to host a quickie weekend retreat in Lake Arrowhead--"The stars are terrible. Don't go near that mountain!"--goodness, was it a hot mess. A freak snowstorm left one retreater (the amazing #AneseCavanaugh) stuck in a snowbank close to midnight (my guy saved her and, thankfully, we still laugh about it). The fridge broke, spoiling gorgeous food. The house alarm blared for no reason over and over, and one of the retreaters couldn't stop crying. We had to sage the house to breathe. Ha. I now do as Carol says. My FAVE thing is to ask for dates for my clients when they're pitching agents or publishers, often resulting in auctions (shout out #RhondaBritten & her 4-day bidding war, signing w/ Putnam for #FearlessLiving). Since you don't have my sis on speed-dial, you can order the next best thing--a personalized calendar that gives you the inside scoop on when to "lay low" & when to "go for it" when it comes to timing for anything. It highlights your best, mediocre, and worst days for money, love, launching something, traveling safely, selling or buying property, navigating retrograde planets and eclipses. You name it. I adore my calendar, and I'm pretty sure she thought of it to shut me up because I was always calling, saying, "Can you look at my chart and give me a good date for ____?"Sister's offering a "fire sale" for the New Year, dropping the price for the digital version from $124.97 to $39.97 (68% off, the biggest discount she's given in 20 years, in honor of these challenging times). 💜“I love, love, LOVE my calendar! I look at it every day, & it's always right on." ~ Arielle Ford, bestselling author of The Soulmate Secret"Dangerously addictive... wildly predictive..." ~ Lauren Frances, love coach and author of Dating, Mating, and Manhandling"The calendar is fabulously helpful, and I love it. I've used mine daily for years. Run, don't walk, to get yours!" ~ Chellie Campbell, financial coach and author of The Wealthy Spirit and Zero to Zillionaire and From Worry to WealthyOrder before Jan. 31st to get the discount! https://bit.ly/2Y2Pn3Y ... See MoreSee Less
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Linda Sivertsen
"I'm glad I'm not competitive," Elizabeth Gilbert said when listing her dear friend Marie Forleo's assets and calling her a "quintuple threat" before adding how incredibly loyal, decent, and giant-hearted she is. It's with that kind of feel-good sisterhood that we kick off this first episode of the Beautiful Writers Podcast for 2021. 💜 Two #1 New York Times bestselling authors, celebrating their healing from the same major surgery, their recent paperback releases (Marie's Everything is Figureoutable and Liz's City of Girls), jaw-dropping manifestation tips, warp-speed book proposal-wrangling, and a chopping-block editorial practice that Marie's book and Glennon Doyle’s Untamed benefited from that may leave you sprinting for your delete key. You mean there are secrets to opening your page-turner? Holy smokes. But don’t take my word for it. “Auntie Liz” is layin’ it down and you'll want to take notes. Also to be had? A whole lot of laughter, good-natured swear words, and light-hearted wisdom. Because it's a new year, and isn't it high time for lightness and brightness as you communicate with “the soul of your book”? I thought so, too. Amen, and happy 2021!Listen on iTunes http://apple.co/3pcFXPc, or on beautifulwriterspodcast.com for all the links. 🎧Write on,Linda (aka Book Mama) xo #beautifulwriterspodcast #elizabethgilbert #marieforleo #cityofgirls #everythingisfigureoutable #thebeautifulwriterslife 📚 ... See MoreSee Less
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Linda Sivertsen

RIP, Larry. 💙🎙As an interviewer and someone who was lucky to spend time with @kingsthings, I wanted to share a few… t.co/S6MUGQu07l

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Linda Sivertsen

Want a STELLAR 2021? I💜getting dates for my clients when they're pitching agents or publishers. It’s magical. A per… t.co/lw4nxR24Gb

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Linda Sivertsen

Jaw-dropping manifestation tips, warp-speed book proposal-wrangling, communicating w/ “the soul of your book."✍️… t.co/HcvQOwlltW

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Linda Sivertsen

@jennsutkowski @GilbertLiz @marieforleo @PRHAudio @portfoliobooks @riverheadbooks Ah! Thank you. It was a blast. Posts soon! 😘

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