Beautiful Writers Virtual Retreat:
Me, You (hopefully), and 4 other Magic Makers. xo

Coming again soon! 

From My Office to Yours

Can’t travel right now? Me, either! But that doesn’t mean we put our dreams on hold. If anything, breathing life into them is more urgent than ever. But you know that—that’s why you’re here!

Here’s the 411 on the Beautiful Writers Virtual Retreat—similar to, but not to be confused w/ my in-person retreats by the Sea: 

The Downside:

If you want pastry, my chef in Carmel will be cookin’ for someone else’s cake hole. Any ocean breezes you’ll feel will most likely come from a fan. And, rather than escaping your kids/dogs/spouse, you’ll have to find your quiet spots in spite of them.

The Upside (see detailed schedule breakdown below):

Ease & Affordability. Because I’m not covering your stay at a world-class hotel and organic meals, I can offer you an immediate $4,000 discount. It’s still an investment, no doubt. But with massive results.

With a little planning, you can enjoy your favorite teas, coffees, and food on your own schedule. And you don’t even have to maneuver around an bulky face shield! You’ll rest well knowing that we’re meeting safely from the comfort of your own home WHILE you catapult your writing career forward. And, without the temptation of the world’s cutest boutiques outside your door, you will save cash. You’re welcome. Speaking of savings—there’s no plane trip to pay for or rental car or pet-sitting fees.

More creation & incubation time: Since we’re not limited by the confines of staying at a hotel, we get to meet for WEEKS (taking a week off for Thanksgiving), giving you even more TIME to craft your masterpiece(s).

You can start now! You’re excited to get MOVING. You’ve been carrying this book for a long time and you’re feeling urgent. The minute you sign up, you receive downloads of my 6-module Book Proposal Magic course, which includes Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. This is the best, most up-to-date information I have for you when you’re ready, and has resulted in lots of agent signings and book deals (the course currently sells for $800). Even if you’re not yet working on a proposal, listen to the audios while you multitask. Take a peek at the different sections. Watch your creativity go into overdrive, for your proposal and the book itself. (And you thought you’d hate this stuff!)

And, here’s what else you get—the elements that make my in-person retreats so powerful:

* The same high-touch, small number of participants (5 max), so everyone gets maximum value.

* Lightening-fast group brainstorming sessions devoted to you and your book/books—where you get the benefit of groupthink on anything you want to share (a chapter, a blog post, an outline, a proposal—or just a messy tangle of ideas).

* Private one-on-one sessions with me—for anything you need, be it editing, brainstorming, or therapy (kidding/not kidding—this success shit is complicated).

* Follow-up literary agent connecting when you’re ready. (I email my literary dream teams your query letter, and we cross our fingers and then celebrate when they request your samples!)

To check out my results (past agent & book-deal news) and more about the retreat process, this Carmel retreat page shows you the potential, regardless of venue. While I love in-person work, I’ve done a few online brainstorming sessions with the May 2020 retreaters (when the world shut down), and the process has been delicious.

Will I do this again? I don’t know. I’m working on my own book right now and I’ll have to see. Here’s what I do know: I vet well. I attract amazing talents. With open hearts and unbounded creativity, new books will emerge, old ones will get sorted out, and we’ll all have psychic revelations for each other. Heaven.

Who’s coming? Two of the four writers joining us are Carmel Writing Retreat alums with riveting books. (Their day jobs are so demanding that without the structure of a retreat, they feel like they can’t finish.) The third lives in Europe, where she says it’s feeling cold and gloomy and she’s craving the joy of a creative group. The fourth supported her husband for years to become a famous artist—and it’s time to focus on her own creativity. Ahhhh. ✍️The synergy and synchronicities are already popping. I cannot wait to see their Zoomtastic faces and get this book party officially started. Want to complete us? Fill out the form below, and let’s talk.

Our Schedule 💜

Start date: Wednesday, November 11th: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm PST.
In this introductory “lunch” meeting, we get acquainted, share our goals and dreams, and set the space for the magic to come. We don’t yet read. That happens tomorrow. But just hearing each other’s stories reveals surprising synchronicities and connections I could never foresee. Happens every time! (Retreaters have even been known to start dreaming about each other’s projects! “Hey, I had a few titles come to me last night for ya.” #magic)

Our first brainstorming session follows the next day: Thursday, November 12th: 1 pm – 4 pm, PST.

In this “formal” brainstorming session—where everyone gets 30 minutes devoted totally to them—you will read something that gives us a sense of your voice on the page. You’ll hear when we laugh or start to sniffle, sensing maybe for the first time, how your work moves a room. (Many retreaters have never shared their writing before and are amazed how good it feels to cease creating in a vacuum.)

If you’d rather talk about the many ideas and books in your head, that’s okay, too. This is YOUR time. We’re here to listen, ask smart questions, and help you find the shortest distance between where you are and where you want to be. We’re just as likely to outline a series of books or a business plan combined with a book as we are the one manuscript you thought was your sole focus.

After you read, we’ll tell you what we see, feel, and love about your story—and perhaps ideas to make it even more specific, cinematic, or marketable. This is where the brain trust in the room wows. Six heads kick ass over one. I guarantee someone will have crucial information that you didn’t even know you needed. (Maybe they’re connected to an expert in your field, have read a book perfect for your comps, or they interject just the right zinger to make your paragraph hilarious.) You’ll leave this session clearer than you’ve been in forever, and excited about what to work on and read next. (Prepare to be amazed by everyone’s transformation at our 2nd brainstorming! Once the subconscious/muse knows we mean business it wakes up. “Oh! They’re all paying attention. Let’s get BUSY!”)

Your first of three, 1-hour private sessions with me will take place on any of the following days the week: Fri., Mon. or Tues.
(We’ll pick times during our Thurs. Nov. 12th call.)

Together, we’ll cover anything you need, from editing, writing, business-ing, and life-ing.

Week 2:  Our 2nd brainstorming session: Weds., November 18th, 1 pm – 4 pm, PST.
Your 2nd private session will be that Thurs., Fri., or Mon.

You read what you’ve been working on—and marvel at everyone’s process, including your own!

Week 3: Our 3rd brainstorming session: Tues. December 1st, 1 pm – 4 pm, PST
Your 3rd private session, that Weds., Thurs. or Fri.

The group’s seriously bonded by this point. You know each other’s work and have been pulling for and supporting one another. You’re all invested, having laughed and probably even cried together. This is the time title support, for books or chapter names seems to flow like crazy. Has something been stumping you for days, months, years? Bring it to your buddies!

Retreat wrap up: Our final “Brunch”: Friday, December 4th: 11 am – 1:30 pm PST. 
As we go around the group, my goal is that you leave with a strong game plan in place to keep up your momentum. We discuss daily and long-term time wrangling, next steps specific to you, and my favorite resources (I give you The List). Other topics we cover: best practices, query magic, agent-readiness, marketing and social media savvy, freelance support, celebrating your wins—you name it.
Two Hours Post-Retreat w/ Me: You’ll receive my retreat follow-up Calendar link where I’ll review your proposal and query letter, which you’ve rocked from the step-by-step Book Proposal Magic course given at sign up. If you need a polish, I bring out my red pen (or track changes). We discuss which agents are a good match and when you’re ready, I send them your work. And again, if you need further editorial support, I’ve got fabulous resources and contacts. (I don’t get a cut of any of it; I just want to see your book baby thrive!)

The Price

The virtual retreat cost is split into two payments of $4000. You’ll make your initial payment, recieve confirmation that your spot is reserved, and access to Book Proposal Magic and Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. You’ll be charged the remainder of the balance automatically, 1 week later.

Interested? Complete the form below for a quick, no-obligation chat with me.

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