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I'm the luckiest girl in the world! My incredible clients teach me more than I teach them. Keep an eye out for their quotes sprinkled throughout the site.

“The results were astonishing to me… I couldn’t be more thrilled or appreciative.”

Michael Ellsberg, Author, Forbes.com columnist

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Tom Squitieri, USA Today


When deadlines allow, I love to muse on all things publishing. I share tips, tricks and stories to make your path easier + more fun!

Spring Cleaning, Book Mama Office Style…

  Hey loves! It’s SPRING! I keep thinking I “should” do a 4-day juice cleanse… that’s what I usually do at the start of each spring. But I’m not in the mood. If chugging glasses of green stuff doesn’t make you feel giddy right now either, I’ve got another idea: What about a piles cleanse? As in, those piles of paper […]

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Telling Stories on Instagram

I adore Instagram, and I think it’s because, as a writer, I’m a storyteller. Tales and anecdotes make up the ocean in which I happily swim, so I find Instagram’s mini-views into life as it unfolds irresistible! But what if your brand is more about your readers, customers, or clients than about your own life? You can use […]

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