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Austin Channing Brown on the Beautiful Writers Podcast

Memoirist and racial justice leader, Austin Channing Brown, is on the Beautiful Writers Podcast to chat about her celebrated debut: I'M STILL HERE: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness. From the book’s first line—“White people can be exhausting,” she had my...

Comedy Writer Nell Scovell on the Beautiful Writers Podcast

I'm excited! Veteran comedy writer for TV, film, and books, Nell Scovell (who also produces and directs!), is on this month's episode of the Beautiful Writers Podcast to chat about her new memoir, JUST THE FUNNY PARTS… And a Few Hard Truths About Sneaking into the...

Time Bending Course Results! Doors Back Open…

Peoples! I’m so excited to let you know we’ve reopened the virtual doors on our 8-week “Reclaim Your Life, Live in Flow” Time Debt course. Our inaugural call was last Thursday, but because we’d only allotted a short amount of time for promotion, we’ve heard from a lot...

Beautiful Writers Podcast “Best Of” Episode, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our “Best Of” episode! Notice the “quotes” here; it’s not remotely possible to pick favorites amongst favorites. “Best Of” is just easier than typing, “a-sampling-of-some-of-my-beloved-booky-conversations-of-many-such-favorite-convos” on an album...

Time Debt Closes Tonight!

Ever feel like this gal? I have, like a million times, only without the clean hair (smiley). But these days, those days are mostly a bad memory. Even though I thrive on creating and stretching myself—for instance, I’m working on THREE books right now while...

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