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When deadlines allow, I love to muse on all things publishing. I share tips, tricks and stories to make your path easier + more fun!

Better Than Social Media (Part 2 of 2): The OTHER things to focus on to Land Your Book Deal

In last week’s post, we covered my top 3 recommendations for what to do when the idea of climbing the social media ladder’s got you down. I received a cluster of emails from writers saying they felt relieved. That they’d been worried they weren’t doing enough, or enough of the “right” things for their social media platform building, and […]

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Feel like a social media loser? Why you can still get a book deal. Part I

“How many social media followers do I have to have to get a book deal?” This question was posed to Danielle LaPorte and me on our recent Publishing Power Hour Spreecast call. D’s answer—5,000 – 6,000—was pretty spot on, if not conservative, especially if you want a deal with one of the top five publishers: Simon & Schuster, […]

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