So I signed up for Gabby Bernstein’s 21-day New Year’s manifesting challenge because, let’s face it, 2023 was a mess. Wonderful things happened in 2023, of course. I’m so grateful! But, yikes, world. And every time I turned around, I had an animal emergency. I needed a reset.

Whoa, am I ever getting one. It’s been magical. Hers is my favorite email to open each day. (This is NOT an ad, by the way. I’ve had Gabby on my podcast twice over the years, and her writerly wisdom is in my latest book.)

Gabby says our dreams don’t happen overnight and shouldn’t. She teaches that the small, subtle shifts get us closer to the miracles unfolding naturally in our lives. Gabby believes in taking “lots of little right actions” towards making our dreams come true. How great is that? Doesn’t the idea make you feel better already?

It’s too scary to look at our most significant goals and think we’ve got to do it all now, right? I love breaking things down into small steps. If I was channeling Gabby today, which I’m so not, but pretending is fun, I might ask you, writer, What’s one little right action you can take today to give love to your writing? Whether it’s working on your outline, finishing chapter seventeen, or giving twenty minutes to your book proposal’s About the Author section, you get the drift. Make it doable and make it fun.

I’m pumped to get to several little right actions on my list today. (I’ll start by diving back into a magazine article I’m writing, based on a funny story from my book Beautiful Writers.) You, too? Come over to Instagram and Facebook and tell me which little, right action(s) you will take today. Let’s cheer each other on.

Thanks, Gabby! Thanks to you, beautiful writer, for being here. It feels like a good day.


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