Hello! In a VERY special eco-edition of the Beautiful Writers Podcast, Jane Goodall—Ph.D., DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, and UN Messenger of Peace—is with us from the UK. I’m excited to celebrate the release of the Nat Geo film The Hope, showcasing Jane’s lifetime of jaw-dropping conservation, with the use of stunning audio from the movie.

Joining us is our longtime mutual friend, Keely Shaye Brosnan, a fearless activist. Like Jane, Keely has been a leader in conservation for decades—involved in some of the most dramatic environmental wins of our lifetime (think Dolphin Safe Tuna Act, for starters). Excerpts from Keely’s latest offering—the award-winning film, Poisoning Paradise (illustrating how agrochemical companies are treating the islands as pesticide-testing grounds for genetically engineered crops)—also help bring this interview to life.

Poisoning Paradise

If you’re like me, you fell in love with Jane as a kid, watching her climbing trees and grooming (and being groomed by!) wild chimpanzees in the Gombe forest like a female Tarzan. I felt similar magic the first time I met Keely. While profiling her over twenty years ago for my first book, she and her husband, actor Pierce Brosnan, showed me devastating film footage taken from a hidden camera onboard a fishing vessel. While I would never unsee the massacre of dolphins en masse (schools of tuna often swim under pods of dolphins, leading to all sorts of excruciating, high-stakes tragedy), Keely had my heart. Not only does she not look away, but she stands up and puts up one heck of a fight.

Both women are extraordinary writers. Jane’s books are some of my all-time favorites: Reasons for HopeHarvest for Hope, and Seeds of Hope, among them. While Keely’s most known for her television writing, her book on gardening (in the works) is a poetic masterpiece—you can quote me on that. I loved hearing details of their passion for words, how they bust through writer’s block, and get in flow.

Reason For Hope
Jane Goodall The Hope

As we all hunker down due to Covid-19 shelter-in-place orders at the time of this taping, Jane’s viewpoint is unique. Her Roots & Shoots programs are global (with 2,000 groups in China alone!); she’s intimately aware of the dire effects of the wild animal trade. But, as I anticipated, Jane continues to hold onto her signature hope for a better future. My hope is that we take this profound opportunity to reimagine how we want to treat our Earth Mother. We can’t all be bigger-than-life eco-heroes, but we can all live #alittlegreener.

I hope you feel the love we poured into this one, share it with your writer & animal-lovin’ friends, and let it inspire your own creative callings.

Until next time, stay safe, plant a tree, and write on!


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