They’re all over the media with their current bestsellers, Inheritance and Super Attractor. Perhaps you’ve heard Dani Shapiro & Gabby Bernstein here, on past episodes for prior books. But what you’ve never before witnessed is the two of them TOGETHER. Despite their close friendship and longtime desire to share a mic or stage, this is a first. (Happy dance!) The part of me that lives for literary matchmaking is in full swoon right now.

That’s what these two New York Times bestselling authors (of 17+ combined books) do best—raise the bar on what’s possible. Each time I see them hit a new life or career goal, it’s not long before they seem to exceed it—permitting us to follow suit. That doesn’t mean life doesn’t have its hardship, but if you’re buoyed by grace, gratitude, and good cheer, they’re your people.

I trust this conversation will make you feel all kinds of hopeful as Dani and Gabby reveal real-world writing strategies with out-of-this-world processes. Feel reassured as they talk about how they tap into their book titles. Pace and format their books. Overcome resistance to create multiple streams of income. I believe you’ll become inspired as they explain how they work within time to EXPAND it (doing less to attract more). And delight in their devotional habits that access magic.

Coaxing angelic support might be mentioned, too (wink, wink), including a personal guardian angel story I relive that’s REALLY out there. (Shocking, I know.) Gabby’s on a first-name basis with the Archangel for Creativity and Communication, and invites you to be, too! All helpful, because as Dani says, “You have to believe you’re a writer before the world concurs.”

I mean, do you have a better strategy than reaching for the divine? I didn’t think so.

Welcome to woo. We’re so happy you’re here! xo

Listen in via apple podcasts, or find all the links at

PS. In our chat, I asked what writing books inspired them at the start of their careers. Gabby said that the only book she ever specifically read for writing was, How to Write a Book Proposal. (A proposal, by the way, is the business plan for your book that most agents and publishers expect before offering you a book deal.) I’ve helped countless clients craft proposals for 20+ years. I’m starting a live Book Proposal Magic course TOMORROW evening (recorded), with several one-on-one brainstorming sessions still available. Hope to see you there! xo

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