Danielle LaPorte and I are thrilled to bring you Robert McKee on our latest Beautiful Writers Podcast!

In Hollywood, Mr. Robert McKee is a living legend, a kind of god among storytellers. We were mesmerized to learn from this master storyteller and we know you will be too.

As a creative writing instructor, McKee teaches a program to sold-out audiences worldwide that he developed as a professor at the University of Southern California. His bestseller, Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting, is currently in its 19th printing in the U.S. and has become required reading for film and cinema schools at Harvard, Yale, UCLA, USC, and more.

McKee has sold many of his own screenplays for film and television, and his students include 63 Academy Award winners and 164 Emmy Award winners. We’re DELIGHTED to share our conversation with the man Russell Brand calls: “… a wanderer… a misanthrope… a whisky-sipping, dusky voiced, Bogart-esque Sinatra but in prose…” Huh? You’ll see.

And, if you enjoyed last week’s blog about novels and how long they should be (memoirs, too!)–with a look at the word count of famous novels–you’ll love Robert’s take on how much size really does (or doesn’t) matter.

Listen to this podcast here or download it from iTunes.

I LOVE this stuff!

Have a great week,



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P.S.S. For a 15% discount for Robert’s next STORY seminar, use promotional code BW2016. (I don’t get any kickbacks for this; I’m just a true-blue fan.) Contact Shannon@storylogue.com for more details.

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