I’m excited to share Write Life’s “100 Best Websites for Writers in 2017,” with a new Podcast category! If you don’t yet know this site, you’re going to love them. So many resources for making your writing goals happen, year after year.

Here they’ve pulled together the best of the best (their words) from eight categories: Blogging; creativity and craft; editing; freelancing; marketing and platform building; publishing and writing communities—and PODCASTS. Because, as they write, podcasts have proven to be a powerful and growing resource for writers.

Um… yeah. What took you so long?! (Just kidding.)

My heart, the Beautiful Writers Podcast, made the list! Pinch me. I didn’t even have to pay anyone over at The Write Life or offer up my first born toy poodle. Nope. Here’s how they choose their picks:

  • They’re recommended by the tens of thousands of readers of The Write Life
  • Each offers content helpful to writers
  • They’re updated recently and regularly

S#it howdy! Seriously. I’m always so grateful for the time and energy it takes to put together a list like this. Not only because it’s an honor to be included, but because of the love and care behind researching so many offerings and compiling them. It’s a labor of love that spreads love and makes this writing life a little less isolating and confusing for anyone sitting at home wondering where to find their next inspiration.

Great writing takes a village, they say. Agreed. I feel so blessed to live during a time when our growing community is so incredibly connected and supportive.

Love my tribe. Love this life. Write on, everyone, and enjoy this writetastic list!


Beautiful Writers Podcast


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