A couple of weeks ago, I went to a MAGICAL book launch for my friend, Aditi Khorana. Aditi’s debut, MIRROR IN THE SKY has been getting rave reviews from NPRTeen VogueBustleBuzzfeed and Paste Magazine, among others.

At her book launch, Aditi spoke about how she couldn’t have written this book if she hadn’t failed at trying to get her first manuscript published. Actually, in 2012, when I first met her, she was pitching her book to agents, and while she got many requests for the manuscript, no one wanted to take a chance on her.

“I was at the most vulnerable place in my life,” Aditi said. “I was single for the first time in a decade, living out of a sublet with all my belongings in storage, with a manuscript that no one wanted.” But from that place of vulnerability came MIRROR IN THE SKY. She wrote it in just over three months and got her first offer from representation from an agent within 48 hours. By the end of the week, she had six more offers. When MIRROR IN THE SKY finally went out to publishing houses, it sold at auction for a significant deal.

I saw the entire process unfold and I’m so thrilled to be talking to you about this manuscript that is an actual book now! If you’re looking for a FANTASTIC summer read, this is the one!

I’ll be interviewing Aditi later this week for our Beautiful Writers Group Expert Series with more juicy details—like how a literary scout (not unlike a scout for the NFL or NBA) made all the difference.

Can’t wait!

Talk soon,

P.S. We’ve got another book launch/expert conversation happening in the BWG in a few days as well. So stay tuned:).

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