I want to share an opportunity I recently loved participating in.

The Inspiring Women with Soul Summit is a yearly gathering of strong, empowering female change-makers revealing their most hard- and heart-earned insights about what it means to live your highest calling.

I don’t normally commit to summits, but when I was invited to be a part of this free event (with 30+ other women who are not only awe-inspiring and trail-blazing in their own right, but with several who have been instrumental in giving me more courage to tell my story), I saw it as an honor to share the stage (mic) with so many incredible souls.

Speaking of soul… Devaa Hailey Mitchell, our host… got down-and-dirty vulnerable with me about her writing process, including the tough stuff, which I love. (I don’t love that she’s been struggling, of course… but I adore her honesty about the struggle, which I think so many people–probably even you–can relate to.)

Devaa and I went deep and off outline, more so than I typically experience in a summit. A lot of things came up–from creating while you’re bleeding; the hard lessons that appear for what feels like most everyone who writes self-help (an odd reality that will hopefully make more sense after you hear this call), and practical tips for those who ache to write but just can’t find the time.

I took Devaa behind the scenes of the rigorous process of writing my memoir, and about the healing that happens for everyone when you get “it” up and out of you (even if you choose to not publish some or all of what you get down). We discussed how to get your work into the world once it’s done, and the dicey topic of reading one’s reviews (to read or not to read–that IS the question).

I hope you’ll join me/us in this free online gathering with guests Marianne Williamson, Alice Walker, Shiva Rea, Jean Houston, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Lisa Nichols, Sera Beak, our beautiful Danielle LaPorte, and so many others!

Inspiring Women with Soul air dates:

May 1-8, 2016

During this 8-day gathering of women, you’ll also get insights on:

  • Key practices for self-acceptance & speaking your truth

  • Tools for stepping into soul-powered leadership & service

  • Experiencing a sustained sense of peace & love

  • How to increase your ability to flex & flow with all of life’s hiccups

  • Ways to increase your confidence, self-love & self-care

  • A more profound connection with Spirit

I believe you’ll love these candid, intimate conversations, and hope you find them as uplifting and inspiring as I did. It’s time to name and claim your purpose so you can make the contribution you want to make in the world. That’s a topic near and dear to my heart, and I hope I’ve been able to help with that. xo

Join us!

RSVP here for Inspiring Women with Soul — at no charge!

Love love love,

Linda Sivertsen

“THANK YOU for the graceful way you’ve harnessed technology to serve women lovingly during this gathering. You’ve helped us reveal and share our beauty, strength, vitality, courage, creativity and ALIVENESS. What a prayer this is. And what a lifeline for some. Wow! How moving to feel myself to be part of a web of women from so many countries — all listening as our hearts beat faster with connection, each of us with equal access to these life-changing conversations, these moments of historic proportion!”

— Dana Cunningham Anderson (from a previous Inspiring Women gathering)

Looking forward to seeing you there! 


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