A short post today.

I’ve got 15 minutes. My sister’s on her way over for a sisterly bday lunch-astrology-shopping-boy talk afternoon, followed by a signing at Book Soup in Hollywood. Our buddy Jillian Lauren is having her launch party for Pretty—her debut novel. She’s the one I told you about last year—the harem girl. Seriously. Her memoir, Some Girls: My Life in a Harem (Plume), became a NYT bestseller last year and I can’t believe it’s not a movie yet (I’ll keep you posted). At any rate, Jillian’s a goddess. If you’re in LA, join us! If not, get the book, if nothing else to inspire your own descriptive writing. She’s a stunning wordsmith, and we all know that the best writers are big readers.

Since sister Carolita (Carol doesn’t mind that I constantly mess with her name) is about to give me my yearly chart reading, I’ll link you to something thought provoking Rhonda Britten sent me the other day. (When I say reading, my sis isn’t a psychic, but she is a popular Vedic astrologer who just did a great piece for Extra.  If you want more insight into your coming year, benefic book deal phases, or the latest dish on celeb charts, you can also find her here.)

About Rhonda’s cool find—a list of the top 100 Most Beautiful Words in the English Language. I have a few more to add: Luscious Larry—that’s right—my guy. Carmel. Daffodil. Tranquil. Merry. Hairtastic. (Okay, that’s not really beautiful, but when my friend Lauren Frances says this word it makes me smile. Plus, her mane is beautifully hairtastic.) Leave a comment and let me know your favorite words. Dog names are all welcomed!

Still walking on air from last week’s Carmel retreat. It was a magical week, especially for me—celebrating my birthday with such insightful, big-hearted women. Vedic lore says you should give presents on your birthday, so I got one of the women, Allie, published on our first day! The 411: She was telling us about a blog she’d written recently, and I knew the story would fit perfectly in a book I’d just delivered to a publisher. I called the author (I’m the co-author), told her the story, which she loved, and we fit it in. Just like that! We’ll publicize her work in the world and give her site address. Win, win, win. That’s how it’s supposed to work. Check out our photos on my facebook page. Allie’s the sparkling blonde. Hey wait! They’re all blonde except me and the poodle! http://www.facebook.com/linda.sivertsen1

If we’re not yet facebook friends, please send me an invitation!

Oops. Carol’s here. It’s time to see if I can bribe Mercury for more good client writing juju. Gotta coax the muse from every angle, eh? Lol.

Have a great rest of your week, and let those beautiful words inform whatever you’re working on!




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