Writing takes TIME, in case you haven’t noticed. And energy. Clearing out the mind- and body-cobwebs is key to getting your best words down on the page.

I grew up with a health-freak mama who used to drag me to funky health food stores on the outskirts of town before that was remotely cool. Mom was wildly busy and always coming up with time and energy hacks for our family (something I’ve been thinking about a lot co-authoring a book on #TimeDebt with the amazing Bronwyn Saglimbeni—based on this TEDWomen talk).

This a.m., I got up, went to the freezer, and grabbed my usual lemon juice ice cube to plop in water. I love this ritual. Lemons picked at the height of sweetness from our yard, juiced, and frozen in ice trays to make it an easy habit. A natural way I use to cleanse/detox without having to give it much thought—while also boosting my immune and digestive systems, lessening inflammation, and loading up on potassium, vitamin B and C, calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, and iron. (I hear some of that wards off wrinkles, by the way. YES! And, inhaling the scent of lemons boosts brain function and alertness.)  ?

So, a bit of Saturday morning Time Hack inspiration for ya. If you don’t currently have a tree in bloom in your yard, raid a neighbor’s tree (ha… you should probably ask first). Or, if you’re in a colder clime, think about stocking up at the grocery store or ordering a box of organic lemons online. A quick search reveals that loads of places—even Amazon—ship them to your door. Of course, Amazon.

I’d love to hear about your favorite time hacks over on Facebook.

Big squeezes!

Linda xx

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