Your partner, your relationship, deserves the best of you. So does your writing. But creativity, as you know, is fickle, demanding, and addictive. Which is why if you’ve ever felt like Cupid and the Muse were in a battle for your very life force, you weren’t imagining it. They were. They are! (How very War of Art of me, I know.)
I don’t believe there is any easy, foolproof way to balance your creative life with your love life. What is certain is that you won’t create world-class work without serious hours of Butt In Chair. But today’s book recommendation WILL bring more delicious ease to your romance if you work it… and your creative self will have more room to breathe. Ahhh. I feel better already. 
Arielle is THE expert on all things soulmate. She’s one of my dearest girlfriends and lives what she writes. She and Brian have the strongest, most loving marriage I’ve ever seen, while Arielle continues to be far more prolific and creatively fulfilled than most. It works because of everything Arielle has learned about balancing the two, and applying it. And it’s all here. Lucky us!

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