GREAT NEWS! There are easy ways to ensure literary agents & publishers LOVE your work. I’ve had the best time recording my top strategies for you here, ready for you to download now. This is one of my favorite things I’ve EVER made! In finding myself giving this advice over and over, I decided that rather than produce an episode of my Beautiful Writers Podcast this month, I’d make this “Publish or Perish” offering for you instead—with the same love and care I pour into every show. I think you’ll find it fun and PACKED with invaluable insider intel, such as …

  • ? THE #1 secret I’ve ever found for taking writing from good to unignorable—fast! (Even working writers tell me this tip has made all the difference in their careers!
  • ? The top 3 little-known mistakes I see most new writers make, preventing them from landing that coveted book deal. (Forever avoid these rookie moves!)
  • ? How EXACTLY to script your Book Proposal’s success to land your publishing dream team. (Imagine a TEAM supporting you, loving your book as much as you do! No more grinding away alone, my friend. I’ve got a team now, and it’s magic. See below.)

Yay! You can download the audio now in a flash. I can’t wait for you to hear it, share it, and let me know how this info rocks your writing world. That will make this book mama so happy.

➟ Click here to download your free audio now!

Write on!
Linda xo

PS. I’m on my book deadline right now—with a big team of the sweetest faces on our Zoom calls. I can’t even. I inked this dream deal after the painful realization last year that I was spending most of my creative juice helping other people get published. I knew I’d never tire of that. It’s so rewarding that it was too easy to put my writing aside. But I wanted to do it all, for us all to win. So, I followed my own advice, quickly finished my book proposal, interviewed agents and then publishers, and Bam! I couldn’t be more excited. My Beautiful Writers book pubs next summer, and the official announcement will be in the trades next week. This stuff works, you guys!

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