Ever work for YEARS on a book? Maybe it’s still parked on your desktop as you sequester in your bed office, feeling like a complete bore as you forgo countless invites. So desperate to get to the last page of your story, your days could be mistaken for a whole lot of, “Are we there yet?”

If that’s you, I have hopeful news: One day, you really will be DONE! I swear! After playing with some of the storylines in my Beautiful Writers book for over a decade, I can scarcely believe I can no longer tweak a darn thing. Not even if I spelled my publisher’s name wrong and offered to repay my advance a hundred times over.

Yesterday, I was working on our weekly newsletter for my Beautiful Writers Group membership, congratulating the gals for showing up. For doing the work, inner and outer, as they tell their beautiful tales. One gal writes from Idaho, another from Canada (with frequent trips to Ireland, where much of her memoir takes place). They’ve become best friends over the past seven years, holding each other accountable as they type and edit, edit, edit.

In sharing details of their healing journeys with our group (as each writes, travels, and researches), I see ripple effects touch members in countless ways in perfect time.

Seven years is a long-ass journey if you’re not counting in dog years. We’ve all heard of books that took longer, including my own. And it’s always a mystery why they take their sweet time. But, as I wrote in the newsletter, here’s what’s also true:

My clients and I always find that once we hold our published book baby in our hands, we’re relieved, even grateful, for the delays and detours. I hear it all the time. And yet it’s always a surprise, this relief, that it feels like hardly any time has passed.

As I shared on Instagram, I felt that way last weekend. Just like that, the FINAL copies of my book were in my house! (In stores and online 8-23.) I didn’t see that coming. “What are all these heavy boxes in front of the house?”

Unlike a week ago, when I believed I was unpacking eco-laundry detergent and instead found forty galley copies, I thought the boxes contained more uncorrected proofs. But they were the real deal. The realization of a gazillion hours of eye strain and “missing out” between the purdy purple green covers.

Fun fact: When you keep the vision alive and continue to sit thy butt down, one day, it’s like all those years are a blur of a dream, and the reality of your book is in your hands. And not just YOUR hands, but ready to fly into waiting hands everywhere. Wheeee!

I hope that helps you breathe a little easier. You’ve helped me breathe easier, by the way, with your preorders before pub day. Your support is deeply appreciated. It’s a big thing, buying anything on faith. As a THANK YOU, I continue adding to our preorder goodies at www.BookMama.com, with more gifts coming shortly—yep, you can download them anytime, every time. 🙏

If I may, Beautiful Writers is a fun and funny B12 shot of faith for any creative in your life. I hope you’ll consider picking up a copy or two for your holiday gift-giving. 🎁 If you order five or more copies, email me at team@bookmama.com with everyone’s name, a screenshot of your order, and your mailing address, and I will mail you customized nameplates! Because, who doesn’t need faith and fun these days? Just think: You’ll be a holiday hero!

In case you’re thinking: Really? She’s so casual, this Book Mama person. Could the book be any good? I’ll include a few blurbs that made my head spin and my heart balloon—with more on Amazon if you’re on the fence. I love fences, but those planks splinter. Ouch. Run!

LOVE YOU to bits.

Write on!

Beautiful Writers is The Artist’s Way for a new generation…”

Tosca Lee, New York Times bestselling author of Iscariot and The Line Between

“I stayed up all night reading Linda’s stories…”

Allison K. Hill, CEO of American Bookseller’s Association

Can’t put it down… I must put it down! I want to keep bingeing this addictive book…

Laura Belgray, author of Tough Titties (2023, Hachette), founder of Talking Shrimp, and co-creator of The Copy Cure

“Linda Sivertsen is someone everyone should know.”

Martha Beck, New York Times bestselling author of The Way of Integrity, an Oprah’s Book Club selection

“This is a REALLY good book that will help a LOT of people…”

Steven Pressfield, bestselling author of The Legend of Bagger Vance, Gates of Fire, and The War of Art

 a funny, relatable reminder to everyone on how deeply rewarding it is to follow your passions, trust your gut, and create.

Brooke Baldwin, veteran journalist, and bestselling author of Huddle

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