You’re talented. Amazingly strong. You’ve overcome more in the past ten days than some people do in a lifetime. You know what you know, and you’re great at what you’re great at. You’re on a mission! So, why the high-stakes fear? Have haters from the past taken up space in your head? I’m a newbie. A fraud. Ill prepared. Or perhaps you’ve published before, but worry you’re not meant for more . . .

It’s time to silence the lies—your own or those from ignorant people who once declared your ineptitude. Everyone starts off a beginner, right? Get ready to hush the negative voices by seeing how the pros overcome imposter syndrome.

Also, studying the right books will magically bolster your confidence.

Take it from me. Those voices were loud, and I needed help!

That’s how I open Chapter 5 of Beautiful Writers. If you saw my weekend social media post about my high school reunion, or you’ve already read this chapter (entitled Scared Much? Silencing the Bullies, Inner and Outer), you know about the Smarty Pants Mean Girls from my past who most definitely didn’t see me as book-smart. They made it clear they didn’t believe I could write a term paper, much less a book.

But here’s the thing about bullies. Their reasons why we “can’t” succeed help us zero in on why we will. Their smallness gives us a bigger WHY. (And in the end, we show up at later reunions and realize that they—the fuel that gave you so much—were a gift.)

Have you given any thought lately to your why? Now might be a good time to revisit what moves you to write in the first place. Fact: You have no say in what people say. But you sure as hell have something to say about to whom, and what, you give your energy.

Whenever you’re feeling blocked, keep turning to your studies; wisdom from your favorite writers will help ease your fear. And ask yourself the following questions:

💚 “Where am I putting my focus?”
💜 “What’s going on with my beliefs around my writing?”
💚 “Do I still love this project?”

If your pages no longer please you, consider what it will take to get back to the love. ✍️ That’s what my work is all about. I hope you feel the love.

Write on!

PS.  Hope to see you tomorrow night (Oct. 5th) in Del Mar if you’re anywhere near the San Diego area. It’s going to be a FUN book signing at Diesel Bookstore—with the fab bestselling author and former top book publicist Arielle Ford interviewing me. Little sister Carol and best friend Diane—who you may know from the storyline—will be there, along with wonderful BookMama clients/friends. xo

PSS. My Nov. 14th Virtual Writing Retreat sold out, but I still have spots for my Dec. 12th – Jan. 13th virtual retreat. Start 2023 off magically with us! It just might be the best gift you’ve ever given yourself:).

PSSS. According to Laura Belgray, we’re currently in the “Age of the email newsletter,” and they’re only getting hotter.

If you missed our event, Beautiful Emails: How to Write the Only Newsletter Anyone Wants to Read (for my preorder book launch), but want to get replay access to the call, I’ve got you! All you have to do is purchase 2 copies of Beautiful Writers (around $40) and email an image of your receipt to, and my team will get you access to the party! (Laura is an author, founder of Talking Shrimp, and co-creator of The Copy Cure with Marie Forleo. She hasn’t offered this training anywhere else, and if she did, it would sell for $299 or more. Fun, right? Early holiday prezzies? Participants who were there said it ROCKED.)

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