Peoples! I’m so excited to let you know we’ve reopened the virtual doors on our 8-week “Reclaim Your Life, Live in Flow” Time Debt course. Our inaugural call was last Thursday, but because we’d only allotted a short amount of time for promotion, we’ve heard from a lot of future time benders that they didn’t see the emails in time (which makes sense for the time- strapped!), or hadn’t yet had time to think about it, but want in!

We let those awesome folks enroll, and then figured it was silly not to open the doors back up for everyone. Especially since we see the results we’d hoped for—relief and manifestation all over the place. This work has changed my life and the life of my co-author on the TIME DEBT book, Bronwyn Saglimbeni, and blessed be, our participants are reporting major outcomes too: clarity ah-ha’s, increased peace of mind, magical synchronicity, flow in the tightest of schedules, love bombs at home, increased willpower, and spontaneous FUN…

We dreamed this would happen. Hoped it would. And it’s on! Wait until you see the images Bronwyn has packed into each module to inspire you as you go through each class… beyond stunning. To say that we have POURED our love and care and “diamond time” into this timely and hopefully timeless course doesn’t even begin to summarize what’s up.

Here are some of the comments we’ve received since last week’s class. In the interest of time, I didn’t ask the authors of these FB and email blurbs for permission, so I won’t include their names, but know they’re verbatim. #Grateful

?Hi TEAM! So tickled to be on this journey with all of you. I just finished the first class and wowza… I am IN, BIG TIME! The word that jumped out for me was “pleasure.” Looking forward to more ah-haaas!

? Hello, friends. I am late out of the gate, so today is the first day that I am fully tracking my time. One day in and I am learning so much, but for now I’ll say only this: I feel like I am staring an addiction in the eye. The addiction? Distraction. It’s like a dopamine hit. And it’s shot my time tracker and my productivity all to hell. Just had another distraction and was about to say aw fuckitalltohell. But instead, I looked at my Freedom Five and said to self, I’m finishing X today, dammit. Going back in. Thanks for being out there.

? As usual Linda, you are involved in something life-changing. Talk about “woke.” What a jolt session one was for me (in the good way). I kept wanting to sign off because I “don’t’ have time” to do ANY MORE…. Then, I recognized the resistance for what it was and settled in to just listen and have a break. The shift for me happened in just listening to both of you. I have all of the information already inside but having someone open the door (gently) so I can peek in at my underutilized potential was such a gift. Changes are happening already and I see how I can use the “Freedom Five” to eat my ‘elephant of tasks needed to accomplish radical change’ in small bites…

? I ran a half marathon on Saturday and spouse did the marathon, so yesterday was IDEAL for Big Chill! We slept in, made pancakes, and later in the day took a nice, SLOW walk on a new local trail we hadn’t yet visited. Perfect! (Also did a digital day off – no email or social media. I used to do this regularly on the weekend but got out of practice. You all gave me the nudge to get back at it.)

? I laid on a bench in a park along a river and watched the sky for a good 30 mins. Listened to the river, the birds, people picnicking. It made me so smile. And this is kinda funny: At first, I was “using the time” to listen to our Week 1 class, but once I realized what a big chill was, I put the class on pause. Working my way up to a full day chill…

? What a relief to get at least a glimpse of what is REALLY going on… can’t wait to keep cleaning the soul lenses and get more and more clarity and focus! Yay Freedom Five. Even a grandma can learn something new!

? I love using the TimeDebt daily tracker!

? Diamond time? I am figuring that out by noting that sometimes when I need ‘fuel’, I am too tired to even lift an oxygen mask to my own face, let alone walk the dogs, fix a healthy meal… At the beginning of the week, it was easy to single out chores waiting in the wings and giving myself the attagirl when I put the check beside them. Then I asked, are these things that move me forward to something my soul is yearning for… small steps. They are hard for an overachiever like myself. I wrote in my morning 10 today — “Self Compassion is my greatest need.” Thanks, ladies! It’s great to be on this journey with all of you!

? Open time (aka transitional time) is very dangerous for me! I spend a lot of my time there, and I’m not sure I can even tell you what I’m doing when I’m in it (hint: I’m doing it now). [***Bronwyn’s response in the FB group thread: “It’s dangerous for all of us!!! In fact, I started putting little ‘x’ in red ink in my schedule where I know there’s transition time. It reminds me to be mindful and set an intention and let it go… This is a marathon, not a race! Go easy on yourself!”]

? You two are magical. Loved the session and walked away with a few big shifts. My favorite concept is taking control and focusing on your freedom five before you give it all away. And Linda, your comment that no one gives a flying ‘f’ if you’re busy… show up and be present. I think I’m pretty good at showing up and being present with clients, family and friends. But here’s the thing – when someone asks how I am, the first words out of my mouth “Busy! Crazy. But good.” No more. That stops today. I’m in control. (Well, not yet, but soon. hahaha!)

? Still buzzing from last night’s call. Idea of transitional time blew my mind – yes, that’s where many of my time debt struggles lie! Can’t wait to do the work of reflecting on this and designing solutions that work.

? I noticed I never make time to sit down and read so, I finally did and finished the book Wonder (so good).


You’ve heard the concept that the quality of your life is reflected in the people and ideas you surround yourself with. As you can see, our participants are amazing people, up to big things. But because this time mastery thing is hard for everyone, they’re getting support to help free themselves to have better lives.

I hope you’ll consider giving yourself the gift of support and community while you embrace a better, gentler, saner, more powerful relationship to time. The good news is that you’ve only missed one week and will have all the recordings and slides and downloads a click away. Relief is around the corner. And, we’re only just getting started. (And will keep the private FB group open for a minimum of 6 months, where Bronwyn and I will stay active to support your time-bending process.)

Our calls are every Thursday evening from 5:30 – 7:00 pm PST, and you can join us for the next one, or do this on your own time. If you’re like us, you’re a master multitasker and can listen while you’re at the gym, making dinner, or in between appointments. There’s no hand-in homework or deadlines to turn in. Just you and freedom tools to support you when you’re ready.

Take a breath. You are all good. Each of us arrives to this course with a different life situation.

Some of us have a lot of control over our schedules.
Some of us have next to no control.
Some of us are dying to make huge changes immediately.
Some of us are barely getting by, and big changes feel terrifying.
Some of us love our lives right now and just want to fine tune for more goodness.

You will be making progress by just showing up. By merely listening to the calls. In thinking about one single tiny nugget you heard, read, or learned at some point during the course, everything can shift.

Join us here. And let us know how it’s going for you over on FB here.

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