Book countdown continues! Four days until my book’s birthday. Sheesh! 💜 In preparation for next Tuesday, the 23rd, I just recorded a new episode of the Beautiful Writers Podcast: Pub Day Celebration: A Writer’s Roundup to air that morning. In true dream-come-true fashion, who was the first celeb author excerpted in the book to show to my Zoom party? Yes, the legendary Steven Pressfield! My biggest writing idol.

When Steven popped up on my screen, holding my book baby in his hands and cheering on my efforts, it was as if one of the Beatles or the Rolling Stones was serenading me. (I mean, from the hands and the mind that crafted some of my most cherished books, including the classics The War of Art, Do the Work, Turning Pro, and OMG, his latest masterpiece, Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants to Be.)

As you can see, I nearly did a backflip in my chair.

That’s when it hit me that none of the goals and dreams I am currently realizing would have happened had I not trusted in my writing and kept at it through all of the MANY detours, insecurities, and long days and nights. Those instances in the messy middle where the thought of Steven Pressfield celebrating my work would have seemed as likely as a summer snowstorm here in scorching Scottsdale.

In case you haven’t heard, no writing career happens quickly or easily. (It took Steven seventeen years to sell his first piece!)

This is a joyous gathering of minds and hearts. Resistance is real and we all feel it on the reg, but we focus mostly on what went right. What we did that worked.

And yes, as we cover in this episode, there are many sacrifices along the way. You may feel like and have been accused of having a mental disorder by loved ones who want more attention and can’t see the stories in your head. It’s a balancing act, this life of loving our writing and our people. You can wonder a thousand times if it’s worth it.

And then something like this Pressfield happening, makes you thank your lucky stars for everything.

I can’t wait to share the episode with you, including the other magical humans who join us. Keep an eye out Tuesday morning, and subscribe so you’re always the first to know.

LOVE you! Happy Weekend,

Linda xo

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💜💚 TY!

Write on! LS x

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