Hello Beautiful Writer!

Some of you know I take every July off to work on my latest book (“going dark to write,” I call it), and I’m home from Alaska and New York, where I was in heavy memoir rewrites. It always takes me about 10 days to get into the groove of not thinking about other people’s proposals and books and sink into my own. And, once I do drop down into what has often felt like the never-ending story (200,000 words is now around 100,000–heaven help me!), re-entry is an odd thing.What do you mean I have to join the ranks of the living and actually open that tower of mail on my desk?

But this time something’s different. I can see the finish line and I can’t stop smiling. Don’t get me wrong… there’s much work to do… edit another 20,000 words, finish 4 new chapters, and, oh, I don’t know… write that little thing called a BOOK PROPOSAL. But I’m no longer bleeding, and the book is so much more fun and funny because of the July’s I’ve tinkered away and the other months I’ve done what I could and let it marinate as my life simultaneously healed. What a blessing.

Speaking of blessings, social media actually HELPED keep me sane last month—who woulda guessed? (Yeah, this from the gal who had to be DRAGGED into signing up for twitter and Facebook and ultimately Instagram, which I’m totally head over heels crazy for.) Logging into the G+ page for our Beautiful Writers Group, and seeing what everyone was up to (including a few manuscript finishes and agent signings) made me so happy. I was amazed (as I always am) by the talent, heart, and momentum there. I can’t believe that 5 out of the 6 gals joining me next month at my Carmel Writing Retreat are BWG members. That’ll be so sweet (and provide another layer of sisterhood following our time together). I wish I could hug all of them—and you, too!—to say thank you for taking this journey with me and letting me support you in your own writing practice.

Okay, so group hugs will be virtual. But what I can do right NOW is send you my prayers for your own magical time to write from a place where your story is more happy than sad, and more funny than not. And most of all, that YOU love what’s on the page. Because, really… that’s what our books are… a love letter from us to all that we’ve lived through and learned and can’t wait to share.

Love love love,


P.S. Got plans for your own “Going Dark to Write” month, week, weekend, or half day? I’d love to hear how you’re claiming your time and carving out your own mini retreats, so inspire us below with your own juicy, devotional plans, okay? You know what Marie Forleo says… if it’s not scheduled, it’s not real. xo

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