Good morning, everyone!  I want to share a fun, quickie example of social media alliances–something I want you to be thinking about & DOING!

I noticed that a woman I follow on Instagram named My, the owner of MyHealthyDish, made a comment on one of my recent shares, asking if what I’d posted about my Boyfriend Log iPhone app meant that it’s an app to help improve relationships. I INSTANTLY got one of those hits that this was an opportunity.

My instinct said, “Reach out and say YES it is an app to help improve relationships, and let’s help each other because your healthy food+recipe site is all about relationships… the relationship people have to food.” I knew it would help her followers stay more accountable to their 2015 healthy-eating goals.

I’ve seen and heard about people tracking their daily food habits and feelings on the app (in addition to tracking their relationships–because you can track unlimited things) and thought it was the perfect fit. So, instead of doing what I am often tempted to do–scribble that idea on a Post It and never get to it, or stress about getting to it–I contacted her immediately with a mutual-support idea. And she loved it!

Today, My ran this on her Instagram (and a different version on FB & Twitter) and blew up my phone (in a good way). I LOVE Instagram (posting there is my latest addiction) and it’s been a blast this am to see more followers come in in one hour than I usually get in two weeks.

Did I mention that win-win alliances are… well… win-win?

So, think out of the box about what groups both inside and OUTSIDE of your niche can benefit by what you’re doing in the world, and then start reaching out to create those alliances:)

Here’s to a very happy, social New Year to you & yours!


Linda xo


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