I LOVE giving gifts on my birthday + book birthdays—and I’ve never been so excited to do so! After what’s felt like forever, the AUDIOBOOK for Beautiful Writers drops next Tuesday, July 2nd. To celebrate, I’m doing an audiobook release raffle on July 8th, where you can win all sorts of writerly prizes for ordering early.  

Arizona Moon and I posted a sweet video on social media about the raffle last night, and here’s one I just posted today (also below) with more instructions.  

If it’s easy and you’ve been looking forward to hearing the audiobook anyway, please do Mama a solid and order it now while it’s top of mind. Remember to enter your proof of purchase information into the raffle (by going here: BookMama.com), and we both win. 

Bless you! I feel so grateful to get to read my own audiobook (the memoir and teachable pieces—not every author gets to read their books). And I’m equally grateful my publisher hired PRO voice actors to do all the male and female celeb sections for the highest sound quality. I hope you love her, my audio book baby. Thank you for being my people. 😍 My heart is full

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