What a great couple of days in LA. For a gal who doesn’t get out much (eight horses + eight dogs will jack up a gal’s schedule), I always appreciate it when technology allows me to experience an event after the fact. If I say so myself, both signings last week were special. And Zibby’s space: Have you been there yet? It’s cozy, classy, and all about community. Thank you to my friends and clients who made the trek. It means so much to hug you in person. 

Sister Carol Allen did an incredible job filling in for Tom Bergeron, who was sick, but still found a way to make me the center of attention as the show must go on! It’s funny how things have a way of working out. Tom is now back to hiking and working on his novel, and our understudy’s “sister act” situation turned out unexpectedly dreamy. Carol knows and loves me and my story more than anyone else. As you’ll see, she gives me shit with glee and yet makes me feel safe to be ridiculously vulnerable because, with her, I am home. 🏡💕

If you ever feel scared revealing parts of yourself in your stories (& book talks!), consider that sometimes, sharing things that make our vulnerable hearts tremble is freeing. I love posting videograms to social media. In this snippet from our interview, I’m referencing something about my body that Carol brought up earlier, linking back to a scene in the storyline from high school when I thought I’d die of embarrassment.😩 The Smarty Pants Mean Girls had just cornered me in the quad about my low SAT scores. I’d knee-jerked lied to save face, only to have it blow up spectacularly in my face twenty minutes later. Being voted “Biggest BSer” of our class was AGONY for a truth-teller. But it was fun as hell to mine thirty-eight years later. 😂🥰 We get deep about divorce, too—and writing about other people, even when you’re terrified to do so. Watch the whole interview here.😎

I also had the great fortune to interview my dear friend and Carmel Writing Retreat alum, Jessica Fein. Her new memoir, Breath Taking: A Memoir of Family, Dreams, and Broken Genes, is a stunning testament to LOVE in many forms. Hearing Jess share memories of our retreat I’d forgotten (in this clip) was such a treat, as was laughing about the sheer impossibility of the editing process (in this clip). 💕 There were many laughs and tears with this most courageous of Mama Bears as I and Jessica’s friends and fans felt the spirit of Dalia, Jessica’s beautiful daughter who died two years ago (the book’s subject), in attendance. 

Our signing was one of the most moving nights of community I’ve ever experienced. That’s the beauty of gathering at an intimate bookstore to connect heart to heart. 💙💜 I love writers, this business, and supporting our Indie bookshops. Watch our full conversation here

PS. I’m happy that MY AUDIOBOOK for Beautiful Writers is about to launch (can you believe it?)! Look for news shortly, including details on winning big writerly prizes in our release raffle. I just posted a teaser video with more info from me and my sweet horse, Arizona Moon. xo

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