My galleys for Beautiful Writers are here! Is it weird that I slept with her by my pillow the first night? 🛌

To be more accurate, these babies are my “uncorrected Advance Review Copies”—or ARCs. What’s the difference? Galleys are rough proofs of your book (usually the version just before the final proofreading), while ARCs are nearly finalized copies sent out to reviewers/influencers before a book’s pub day (to build buzz).

An ARC yet to go through the entire editing process will not only differ slightly from the final edition of the book but may also have alternate cover art or text. My ARC and final book have different back cover text, and I loved creating both versions with my publisher, BenBella. Creativity is constantly evolving, which is why deadlines are essential. Without them, I’d NEVER finish.

Since I’m a tinkerer to the end, my angel editor (and publisher) let me make LOADS of tiny edits after this ARC version of Beautiful Writers. (“Wait! It was 1998, not ’99!”) It’s mind-blowing to me how much you catch on the millionth read. So, to me, this baby feels more like a galley than an ARC, but who the hell cares—she’s one step closer to you. I’ve been so looking forward to sharing these stories with you.

To preorder your copy (delivered in 7 weeks!), energize YOUR book’s journey before the year’s end, and receive super valuable bonuses for ordering before pub day (God, you’re beautiful!), go to

Thanks for celebrating with me!


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Write on!

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