“Are you ready yet because I’m heeeere?” says every book everywhere, waiting on its harried, overwhelmed person.

She’s opinionated, your story: “Listen, sister. I’ve given you my best content. WTF? We gotta get this s#it down yesterday!” (Okay, your book may not swear at you, but mine def does.)

Your muse is patient. Well, she has been. Lately, though, and you may have noticed this, she’s stopped whispering and veered into yelling territory. Oh, and recently, when you walked into that wall and somehow bruised your arm? I’m not saying she pushed you, but …

I’m just kidding (mostly). But no guilt! You have legit reasons for not getting ‘er done. I get it. I’m the Queen of Life Reasons. In the past two days, my soulmate horse of twelve years had surgery, and my husband and I were up most of the night. I didn’t even brush my hair yesterday and fell asleep with shavings on my socks, now in our sheets. (His prognosis is good, fingers crossed.)

You live a big life with a billion things that keep you from writing. When we don’t tend to the muse and our manuscripts, the trouble is we go wackadoodle. I know, you know. (And even if you don’t, your friends do. Just ask ’em.)

Isn’t it easier to schedule your writing and let the magic of momentum and your new sisters in words take over?

I only have a few Carmel retreat spots left for the year, and anyway, you’d have to wait a few months or longer. Or! You and your beautiful book could join me TOMORROW!!!  Get your tea, snacks, fuzzy slippers, and emotional support pen ready. Even if you think you need more time to be ready and your notes are a mess. That’s what we’re here for, my happy place.

We got you. Omg, are you ever going to love this process!

We’re onto something if all this hits you like giddy drunk butterflies in your belly.

I promise you’re going to lose every fear of groups or being judged that may have silenced you in the past. I only work with bomb women. One is a returning retreater I cannot wait to see again. I should charge extra for how great she is! (Listen to me, all sleep-deprived snarky.)

But seriously, the price is more affordable on Zoom, and we meet for nearly a month, which has all kinds of benefits. And, despite my lifelong obsession with Carmel, the vibe is remarkably similar in ZoomCity, as you can see by all the testimonials I keep plastering on my virtual page.

Join us tomorrow?! You know you wanna. Fill out the short form on this page and let’s hop on a call and get that book of yours back to lullabies, love songs, and sweet whispers, shall we?

Book Mama, wrangler of words and sleepy, adorable drugged horses.


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