War dashes dreams. And what happens in our yard, next door, across a country, or the globe affects all tender hearts. You are not alone if you’re scared. Or if you woke up with a broken heart. And if the images of people and animals fleeing for their lives guts you.

If you find yourself triggered by the devastation taking place in Europe in a way that has you panicked about your dreams (the creative ones in-process that still need loads of loving focus and care), please know that’s normal. It’s human nature to see things falling apart and think everything is f*cked and that your goals have perhaps taken too long or maybe won’t even matter in the bigger scheme of the world’s crazy.

It’s also normal to feel guilty about that—about worrying about yourself when you’re currently physically safe and others aren’t.

I just wanted you to know that. That you’re not alone in your fear; on some level, I think we’re all feeling this way—because we’re one big family of misfits who feel everything.

I don’t have a crystal ball; this whole human thing has been a nail-biter for me since I was little (Mom taught me about falling water tables and changing temps when I was nine—thanks, Mom!). All I know is that when I take time every day to turn off the scary images and listen for nothing but my breath, I feel better. When I sit down and give my dreams a little love, I feel better.

Sometimes, that’s the best we can do: the small but powerful things that quiet our fears and make us believe.


PS. I’d love to hear how you’re feeling. Sometimes connecting on social about these topics helps us feel less alone. I’ve posted this graphic today on FB and Instagram if you want to share some of your tender thoughts. xo

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