Is it just me, or has it been a SUMMER? Between freak horse injuries (two at once, unrelated), our four-year-old dog, Wild, waking up blind for no apparent reason (glaucoma at four… whaaat?!), followed by surgery to remove a tumor on her stomach (not cancerous, TG!), and now our thirteen-year-old pup, Troji (the blind one’s mother) in heart failure, Wild isn’t the only one walking into walls. It feels like every day has brought a new emergency. Supercharged meds have kept Troji from passing out the past few days, and she could, God willing, have months, even longer, with us. Please, for the love of all things furry.

I can’t say no to caring for these babes in my midst—nor would I ever want to. But you can bet that through all the tears and forgetting to breathe; I’ve been saying YES to the few things I can control—one of them is sitting my arse down to write. Wild and her cone and Troji and her wheezing are asleep at my feet as I put these thoughts down. Ahhhh.

Writing keeps me sane when things look bleak—and I know it does for you, too. Even the smallest increments, twenty minutes, can bring bliss.

Consider this your friendly reminder to put YOU and your creativity on your to-do list, no matter what or who needs you. We must keep looking for and booking things to look forward to. Am I right?

Love you.
Linda xo

PS. I just chose and posted my retreat dates for 2024. There are only ten spots for Carmel-by-the-Sea starting January 29th & September 9th) and the same number for my virtual retreats. Let’s chat ASAP if you’re sensing that next year’s your year! The accountability! The brainstorming! The camaraderie! (Not to mention, the food in Carmel.) Talk about something to look forward to 😀

PSS. Our girl Troji passed away on Friday, the 13th (of October). Dang, I used to love Friday the 13ths! The good news is that Larry and I were with her, taking a slow stroll before bed, and just as the doctor promised, it was immediate and peaceful. For those who met Troj at one of my writing retreats, here’s a little tribute I posted that might make you smile. She was the BEST! xo

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