“Hey you! Yeah, YOU! FOCUS!”

“It’s just you and me here.

Leave everything else. Out. There.

I’m all you need right now, all that needs you.

Give me your attention.

And I’ll come to liiiiife.”

This has been me and my book for the past month and a half, joined at the hip – or the heart, rather – inseparable, thick as thieves, totally absorbed like brand new lovers, only we’ve been together for years. I wasn’t much able to tear my eyes or mind away from it, because finally, and for the last time of big work, it got me, swept away in its current.

That’s momentum for you – you work and work to build it, and at some point it starts to build you. It starts to lift you to your next level, so you can create your next level work.

November is National Novel Writing Month (also known as NaNoWriMo), and while I’m not a fiction girl myself, some of my clients are and I know lots of writers who use the collective focus of this month to build momentum for their non-fiction projects. Because all that matters to our books is that they get written, whether in cracks between the hours over many years, or in a burst of focused energy WHENEVAH. Your book just wants to be given life, it doesn’t care how pretty the process.

At the end of October I started a four-month live telecourse called Your Big Beautiful Book Proposal, designed to take your book proposal from None to Done by the beginning of 2016. Our first call is already in the can and participants are working through the sections of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan (included) covering Hook pages, Table of Contents, Cover pages and Query letters. It’s a special time because I’m also finishing up my own proposal with the group and sharing my process.

In the live Q&A portion of the call we talked about topics like how to craft a killer hook for a co-authored book, how to angle the hook to appeal to a targeted market, but also reach beyond it, how honest to be in your about-the-author section, when to include cover art in your proposal, how to get just the right website for your book, and what will carry your book to the finish line when you’re just ready to have it out there already.

If your message is aching in your bones, that’s the sign of a book wanting to be born. And a book that wants to be born to a publishing house needs a beautiful proposal.

There’s still time to join us if you’re feeling the pull.

It would be my honor to be your midwife. One who’s in labor, too, but oh, this is so much easier than the kid kind! :)



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