Have you ever wanted something so badly that you thought you might die without it? My literary agent was about to drop me. I could feel it. He’d been sending my book proposal to editors for a year with no takers. I was an unknown, but the book was damn good—I trusted her and my muse. I had faith in the endless hours, my financial investment, and the vision. All of it. But after receiving TWO rejection letters in my post office box that morning, I needed a sign, anything to keep me tethered to my dream . . .

Driving back home, nearly asleep at the wheel and with tears rolling down my cheeks, I prayed aloud: “God, please! I know this book was Your idea. You’re the one who gave me the dream. The people I’m meeting, the things I’m learning are the greatest gift. I would write all day long for free. But writers need readers, and I can’t reach them without a publisher. I don’t know what else to do. Am I wrong to believe I can earn a living doing the work I love most in all the world? If not, I need Your help!”

My hands gripped the wheel as my pickup thump, thump, thumped over the hardened dirt ridges on our irritatingly long road.

Thomas One Wolf’s words rang out in my mind: “If you pay enough attention, all of nature will conspire to help you and show you the way.”

Goodness, did She ever. 💚 What happened next was like a scene out of a Spielberg film. Check it out if you could use a dose of healthy magical thinking because we all need reminders and life is always communicating with us. 🙏

Write on!

Linda xo

PS. If you’ve read Beautiful Writers and enjoyed it, I’d SO appreciate some stars and sweet nothings over on Amazon or Goodreads. Positive reviews encourage algorithms to push titles to more readers—Ahhhh. I read them and cherish each one! xo

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