Don’t you love a good success story? Me, too! Today we celebrate one of our own, Beautiful Writers Group member Clare Frank, and lit agent Laura Yorke (who’s sold many books for #BookMama clients). This, my friends, is an example of how a life-long mission + experience intersect with real-world urgency to uplift millions of readers when a writer’s willing to press SEND on her query (in the most recent case, to the New York Times).

As with any fantastic article, there are Ah-has galore! Clare’s perspective, as one of the highest-ranking women in Cal Fire history, is eye-opening & offers solutions to something seemingly hopeless: the rise of forest fires. This is near and dear to my heart as a Forest Stewardship Ambassador. 🌲💚

For instance, have you ever considered the importance of retiring the nostalgic cartoon image of Smokey Bear for stark reality?

“… happy graphics and a gentle ask — just one less spark — don’t provide the gut punch we need,” Clare writes. “In the case of wildfire, maybe it starts by replacing friendly cartoon reminders with images of the apocalyptic destruction and words from those who have lost homes, livelihoods, and loved ones — and maybe not just when there’s smoke in the air. One of the most effective D.U.I. campaigns summoned everyone to duty. What if we co-opted it? Friends don’t let friends set fires.”

Clare’s not talking about intentionally set fires, but the many ways well-meaning citizens blow it, or blow up our natural spaces by being unaware. They don’t go out into nature with the intent to ruin lives and livelihoods. But public awareness of the common dangers that ignite our natural world could do wonders.

As a lifelong forest enthusiast & supporter, who was once married to a volunteer fireman and lived in a crackle-pop forest for years, I learned a ton reading this piece (and the book, which hooked me from page one). That’s what the best writers do—open up (and help heal) our world by igniting our minds and hearts.

Bravo, Clare! Laura, you too. I’m busting my buttons; proud to know you both. Thank you for setting the bar high. Consider me, us, lit up and motivated. xo

Read Clare’s piece here, and join me in supporting this important book.


Linda xo

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