Hello, Beautiful. Are you aching to dance with your muse? Share your writing with a whole lot more people. I get it. Me too! We’ve got skills! Stories to tell! A POV that heals! Our voices are unique only to us and our God/Muse has put us in situations we’ve triumphed over and given us a dream to help others triumph too.

I’m right there with you, which is why I’m sending you links to a few of the podcasts I’ve been on lately with spectacular hosts who GET IT, having triumphed over their own blocks and hurdles, with a similar ache to tell stories and demystify this writing life, so it’s easier and more fun for all of us. 

The hosts listed here touch millions of lives through their work and podcasts—heck, the first one listed below, Hal Elrod, has sold three million copies of his self-published book, The Miracle Morning, alone, a book I helped him with forever ago. They know how we all struggle. They ask the best questions, and hopefully, I came in with some inspired, fresh answers. (For instance, I’d never talked about money on air before like I did with Jamila Souffrant—you’re going to want to hear this episode, one of my favorite chats of all time. What creative doesn’t wrestle with funding their art?) 

I had a blast, learned a lot, and am excited to share the love with you. Let’s start our 2023 writing year powerfully, together. Are you with me? 

Here goes. Happy listening. Happy New Year. Love you! 

Write on, 




Permission Slip to Write a Book with Linda Sivertsen
Linda Sivertsen and Zibby Owens
Linda Sivertsen and Zibby Owens
Linda Sivertsen and Zibby Owens

Journey to Launch podcast with Jamila Souffrant.

Jamila Souffrant
From Celebrity Dog Walker To Celebrated Author: Following Your Dreams & Making Money As A Writer With Linda Sivertsen

Marie Forleo MARIE TV.

Linda Sivertsen & Marie Forleo

PS. For other fun podcast interviews with fabulous hosts, see Media on BookMama.com.

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