Well, peeps. My TEDWomen talk on TIME DEBT just posted. Goodness gracious and Happy Solstice! I want to THANK you from the bottom of my nervously beating heart for all the pre-love and encouragement and shout outs. One retreat guy (you know who you are, Mr.) was so darling that he wrote me nearly every month to say, “How ’bout now? Posted yet?!” No pressure or anything.

As I’ve shared before, this was scary stuff for me. Like more nerve wracking than any TV or public appearance of my life. But it’s done and I’m still standing, and God willing the drama of my life will lighten someone else’s load. Because what else is the point of drama? I mean, I’m sure it’s true what they say about God having a sense of humor and all. But please tell me there’s a better reason than just that! Ha. ?

LOVE you guys to bits. I’d be enormously grateful if you were able to give this a watch and a thumbs up! And, if you’re moved by the info, share the video with your friends, your community, your dog. Yeah. Basically anyone with eyes. Because in the world of counting clicks, these things matter. I know you know.

Yours in gratitude and butterflies,

Linda xx

P.S. Want to share your feelings on Time Debting? Join me over on the comments on FB.

P.S.S. What the heck’s Time Debt? Good question! See my TED bio below.

Linda's TEDTalk at TEDWomen 2016

Official Bio:

You’ve heard of financial debt: spending money you don’t have. But Time Debt is perhaps more widespread and dangerous. In this shocking and entertaining talk, bestselling author Linda Sivertsen reveals the details of this little-known “disease of our era” that affects nearly everyone. If you’re overinvesting in the care of others and underinvesting in self-care;spending time reacting to other people’s emergencies, so you have little time for the prevention of your own; or, like Linda, losing precious days/months/years to a dramatic marriage, listen up! The simple fixes she outlines (including a free color-coded tracking app Linda created to finally shift her patterns) could likewise change, even save your life. ? For more info & resources, go to www.TimeDebt.com

Here’s the video link again.

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