No glam shots today. Instead, real-life editing pics with a client. Connection and brainstorming over a manuscript is pure JOY to me, even if the dang glasses hurt the bridge of my nose (is it just me?).

I ask questions, listen for what’s said and isn’t but is written all over her face and movements, and then fill in the blanks. When we stumble upon shared AH-HA’s that bring us goosebumps, I’m sure I have the best job in the world.

My beautiful client and I put our heads together over Zoom (she from Malibu, me from Scottsdale) to ensure that her words sang. Because few people write alone, myself included. We all need support, even if just from going cuckoo bird. If you haven’t heard, the blank page can be a real A-hole, am I right?

As I write in Beautiful Writers: A Journey of Big Dreams and Messy Manuscripts—with Tricks of the Trade from Bestselling Authors: I’m a homebody who prefers to write for days on end without interruption. All that to say, I live by the mottos: “Writing is better when shared” and “Friends don’t let their friends write alone.” With the right support systems, writing gets stronger— whether your feedback’s coming from one, two, or twelve. Validation. Refinement. Permission. No matter if you’re a loner or the belle of the ball, who doesn’t want an answer to this question: Was it good for you too?

For the record, I KNOW you’re good. Duh. But there’s no shame in wanting camaraderie and confirmation.

LOVE and write on!

PS. Feeling nutty isolated in your writing room? Join me in my December/January Virtual Writing Retreat before the end of the year. Or, let’s hop on a Zoomtastic consulting session. Unless you wanna meet me by the sea in Carmel late next year—dreamy, beyond, and almost full. xo

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