Quick media share. ? My Time Debt TEDWomen talk just made Inc.! In her article, “The Real Cost of Time (and How to Create More of It),” business leader and Inc. magazine columnist Anese Cavanaugh talks about how the video inspired her to nourish her relationship with time (and sparked several more in-depth articles). She also wrote—and this is where you pinch me!—that it’s: “one of the best TED talks I’ve ever seen,” + “a jaw-dropping concept that few have heard of but affects nearly all of us.” Wow. Color me grateful! 

If you have a few minutes, I’d be so honored if you’d read her piece and share it (and/or the video) with other time debtors in your world. Because the world needs us. Our voices, our talents, our love. When we’re vague, harried, and burnt out—all byproducts of Time Debt—we simply run out of time.

Here’s the Inc. column.

And, my Time Debt TEDWomen video.

As always, thank you for spending these precious moments with me. As we think about how to end the year strong and start the new one off powerfully; time, more than ever, is of the essence. 



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