Inner. Peace. Yeah, I know. Sounds like a dream. But aren’t dreams meant to come true?

My dear friend, TV producer Norma Rubio (that’s her sunny self in the center of our group photo), has spent years trying to figure out how to live a balanced life. ?

I’m honored to be included in her #InnerPeaceMasterClass with some of my sheros: Martha Beck, TODAY co-host Savannah Guthrie, Cheryl Richardson, Terri Cole, Spring Washam, Arielle Ford–over a dozen in all, including awesome men.

Play with us online (it’s free!) as we share our best intel on Meditation, Spirituality, Self-Development, Relationships, and Creativity. It’s going to be beautiful. ?

This Masterclass is for anyone who’s ever been stressed-out, overwhelmed, full of doubt or is looking for that “something more.” You’ll receive one interview a day for each day of the Masterclass straight to your inbox and each interview will air for 48 hours, with a catch-up replay if you missed any (or want to hear them again). The interviews are short because you’re busy, but Norma is masterful at gifting just what you need when you need it.

Innerpeace Masterclass

Because. Peace. You want 2018 to kick 2017’s ass in that department, don’t you? (Smiley.) It’s time.

Linda xx

P.S. I was so blessed to meet the host of this event, Mindfulness Teacher Norma Rubio, in the same place I meet so many of the incredible women in my life when she walked through my front door in Carmel. She’d had a long career as a TV journalist for a major network news operation and felt the soul call to SLOW DOWN and make big changes.

Some of you know I’m also slowing down myself these days to work on a few books. Experiencing the passing of time has just heightened for me after the passing of my toy poodle, Merry, last month. (Thank you for all of your well-wishes, by the way! So appreciated! I’ll be sharing more on the miracle of Merry soon.) I’m not yet sure how many retreat dates I’ll have time for in the second half of this year, but if you’re getting the soul call to work on your dreams with me and other seriously tapped-in gals in this heavenly artist sanctuary, I still have a few retreat spots open for my February. 19th, April 16th, and May 21st retreats. Fill out this short form and we’ll set up a call to see if joining us in the near future is your next powerful step. xo

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