Hi! If you were planning on meeting Hollywood icon Tom Bergeron & me tonight at Zibby’s Bookshop in Santa Monica, you’re gonna want to see this video he made for the event. (Heck, Tom’s so adorable and funny, watch it even if you weren’t/aren’t coming.)

Tom’s feeling almost back to normal, phew. Nice guy that he is, he just doesn’t want to kill anyone. (Admirable.) I’m grateful he got sick AFTER accepting The Sam Rubin Award at last weekend’s Critics Choice Awards. Sam was one of the angels in this city of Angels before his recent passing. If Tom had to miss something, I’m glad it wasn’t that.

And our Plan B tonight will be so lovely! If you’re here in LA and have always wanted to meet my magical sister—the famous Vedic astrologer who has painstakingly chosen the date of every blessed week of retreat bliss in Carmel all these years (where the planets of Venus and Mercury and the Moon all need to be HAPPY for the arts, friendship, writing inspo, and food fabulosity, etc.), here’s your chance.

I wouldn’t have had the good fortune in my business or life if it weren’t for Little Sister. She made my book of big dreams and messy manuscripts (w/ tricks of the trade from bestselling authors) infinitely better with her snappy edits and even picked tonight’s auspicious date for the signing. (Hey, wait a minute—could getting Tom out of the picture have been her plan all along?)

Carol will be filling in for Tom, and one of the reasons you’ll love listening to her is because she’s got a brilliant book brain, and as the family entertainer, she’s funny as heck. I’m the luckiest and love sharing my baby seester with my people. (This is not unlike how I took her to show-and-tell in kindergarten because I couldn’t believe how fortunate I was that she was mine and that I wanted all the kids in town to share in my glee. Yep. Still doin’ it.)

Linda & Carol
Jessica Fein and Linda Sivertsen

About last night: THANK YOU to the #Carmelies who came to last night’s Zibby’s Bookshop signing to support fellow retreater Jessica Fein. I had the immense pleasure of interviewing the author of Breath Taking: A Memoir of Family, Dreams, and Broken Genes. It was such a treat hearing Jess share memories of our retreat I’d forgotten. The room laughed and cried with this most courageous of Mama Bears as I and many of Jessica’s friends and fans felt the spirit of Dalia, Jessica’s beautiful daughter who died two years ago (the subject of the story), in attendance. It was one of the most moving nights of community I’ve ever experienced. That’s the beauty of gathering at an intimate bookstore to connect heart to heart. I love this business. I love Zibby’s Bookshop. I love that I get to go back this evening.

See you and other Carmelies at 6:00 p.m? Here’s the link to get your free ticket. I’ll be there with bells on and a cowgirl hat. Write on.

Linda xo

PS. Want support taking your book from Idea to Done to Sold with me in Carmel? Let’s hop on Zoom and talk about the possibilities.
PSS. If you’re coming, let me know on Instagram! Can’t? Say hello anyway. #Community  

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