I wish I were a more frequent vision-boarder. But sometimes, I get crafty and make the odd dream-come-true graphic to entertain myself. Like this one, I later emailed to the famed Marie Forleo’s team hoping to land an interview for MarieTV (a big deal in my world). A risky but playful, look-how-grandiose-I-am-but-I-hope-you-like-me-anyway move to promote Beautiful Writers: A Journey of Big Dreams & Messy Manuscriptswith Tricks of the Trade of Bestselling Authors, my latest book.

Marie Forleo & Linda Sivertsen

Marie had been on my podcast with her buddy Liz Gilbert. We’d stayed in touch (and had revealed mystical things we’d all done on that show). It may or may not have helped me land today’s interview, but pushing SEND still gave me pause and made my palms hot. It reminded me of my younger days when I’d fling myself out there, stories you’ll recall if you’ve read Beautiful Writers. “The folly of youth,” as Danielle LaPorte remarked on our recent Beautiful Writers reunion episode. Lordy, was I ever full of folly! But you know what? I sometimes miss her, pie-in-the-sky Linda, and the shenanigans she pulled to get in VIP doors. It’s good to know she’s not completely outgrown her wild ways.

When Marie’s person sent me the email confirmation of our interview, she cheered me on for my risky graphic. Phew! Take that, vision board! And, goodness, was this interview fun. Worth every chance I took of possible embarrassment.

Whatever risk you’ve been avoiding, go for it (as long as it feels scaryfun versus scaryscary, which this one did).

I hope this convo makes you smile as it gives you concrete tools for being your own champion.

In this 25-minute chat, entitled: How to Write a Book (and Actually Finish It) with Linda Sivertsen, we cover:

  • How to finish already.
  • What the most successful authors have in common
  • The #1 trick to write faster and have more fun
  • How to banish writer’s block for good
  • The HEALING power of penning your story (even if you think people will hate it)
  • The secret to landing a huge book deal (hint: it has nothing to do with social media followers!)
  • And a whole lot of other fun (and revealing!) stuff.

Forever grateful for you and yours this year and every year. xo

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