These groups. So much love, support, talent, fun, accountability, and RESULTS. We laugh, cry, bond like Superglue over sharing our stories—and mainly stop feeling isolated in our once lonely writing rooms. Often it’s the first time people share their work with anyone. What a relief to find out how much people love our pieces—and how to make them stronger, faster—before I send your work out to literary agents.
After posting the below Brady-Bunch-esque pic of a recent virtual group, a few of their comments were so delightful I thought I’d share them with you here. (Ahhhh, I love love.)

What a relief, too, to find yourself loved by—and loving—your new writerly family. I’m always amazed how much the gals adore each other and continue meeting long after our meetings end. Who knew ZoomCity would be so magical? Such a blessing for a homebody connector like me!

Want to chat to see if our February 2nd group (or March or June) is right for you? I’d love it! Take a look around the virtual retreat page of my Book Mama site and let’s talk. I look forward to helping make your 2023 writing room much more fun and productive!


PS. All participants get my Book Proposal Magic program and my full Beautiful Writers book proposal—my favorite proposal I’ve ever written. Write on!

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